5 ways to make video better

Aug 10, 2023 | Creative, Video

There are a million and one good reasons to do video. For all the obvious reasons – it’s more interesting, visually appealing and attention grabbing. It increases engagement plain and simple. And consumers now expect video content from brands they support. To maintain that interest and keep people watching that drives them to act, you must make an emotional connection between you and your consumer. B2B, B2C, it doesn’t matter. Reading is so last week and video has gone from a business want to an absolute necessity.

The good news is you don’t necessarily have to hire someone to do a basic video. According to Iván Galaz, Creative Director at Knoodle, any story can be interesting. “It’s about taking your key audience on a journey and telling them a story,” he said. “It can also be about solving a problem or showing someone how to do something.”

Here are Iván’s five keys to doing your own video:


Keep it simple.

“When creating your own video, you want to keep the message simple. A simple voice is your best option,” he said. According to Galaz, make the video about one simple idea. Write a script in advance that communicates the idea with visuals that sell the product or service.

About that official sounding voiceover? Don’t scrimp with an amateur voice, there are many websites online that offer voice talent, such as voices.com. “Be sure to coach your voice talent on tone and inflection,” he said. “It’s common for us to have the talent re-do the read two or three times- whatever it takes to get it right and they don’t typically charge extra for that. It’s all part of what you pay for.”


Use quality equipment.

And an iPhone qualifies. You can use an iPhone- preferably a 13 or 14 Pro Max model. Galaz recommends investing in some accessories. “Make sure you’re in the highest resolution setting for best quality.” He also recommends a stabilizer or tripod to keep the camera or phone steady to prevent shaking to get the best shot..


Consider the lighting.

If you don’t have professional lighting, shooting your video outside is a good alternative. It allows you to make the most of natural lighting. Galaz suggests what photographers call “the golden hour” – the time just before sunrise and just after sunset. “This gives a softer look and prevents harsh lighting and unflattering shadows from the bright sun,” he said. “You don’t want to face the sun directly.”

Galaz recommends using backlighting (ensuring the background is well-lit), which gives a halo effect to whomever or whatever you are shooting. He also suggests the purchase of a reflector to divert the light to wherever you need it. These are also relatively inexpensive – and give you that ultra-professional look.

If shooting a video indoors, Galaz advises that you avoid fluorescent lighting. Instead, opt for a room that has LED lighting. If you are shooting a tight shot of a person or yourself (meaning an up-close shot) a ring light can offer a nice effect.


Remember that sound matters.

Sound is fundamental to a professional video. Poor quality sound is a dead giveaway of an amateur at work. It impacts how it will be received by your audience. You want to choose a location that doesn’t have background noise. “Often it is a sound that might not be noticed at first but makes a big difference to the way the video turns out,” said Galaz. “We just shot a location last week, and the aquarium was the culprit.” Other background noises include air conditioning, fans, lawn mowers, and garbage trucks. Turn off the AC or wait for the offending sounds to pass. Galaz suggests Rode mics. “Good audio is an area to invest in so that you don’t cheapen your entire video.” He added that monitoring sound with a set of headphones will help catch these sounds before it becomes a problem in editing. Also, iPhones can offer a good option, when the person speaking is close to the phone’s microphone.


Edit on quality software.

According to Galaz, editing on the right software is just as essential as quality footage.

While many start out with iMovie, because it’s readily available and free, it’s ideal to use more advanced software such as DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Suite or Final Cut, they all offer a lot more options and tricks to get your video to look the way you want it to.


About Iván: 

Iván Galaz serves as Knoodle’s Creative Director for the past 3 years. He has produced and directed all video production for  clients such as Fulton Homes, Cal-Am Resorts, and Santé Health. Formerly of OH Partners, Iván comes with 20 years of advertising agency experience. He was born and raised on the Mexican border, surrounded by a family of creative individuals. His passions in life include spending every moment possible with his adorable dog Paco, traveling the world with his partner, going to the movies (he’ll watch almost any movie). He loves to eat his mothers food, Mexican or Italian food, ice cream, and Impossible burgers.