A little
about Knoodle

It’s 1999, a new millennium is right around the corner, and some of the brightest Knoodles in advertising have come together around a single idea: stop Y2K.

Once they took care of that, they relaxed and dove deep into a different project. A new kind of ad agency for a new millennium, utilizing integrated campaigns, video content, design, and everything in between. Our ideas create real connections, real Knoodle-to-Knoodle bonds between brand and consumer.


Rosaria Cain

Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Guadarrama - Baumunk

Partner + VP of Client Services

Katy Hansen

Senior Account Manager

Korenna Wilson

Director of Public Relations

Monica Chabot

Social Media + PR Specialist

Scott Cain

Strategic Advisor / Healthcare

Ivan Galaz

Creative Director

Ben Heimer

Art Director

Jude Olear

Cinematogrpher / Editor

Jerry Ferguson

Director of Digital Strategy

Jerad Blair

Digital Marketing Associate


Knoodle Does It All

Why? So that you can unify your marketing into one cohesive force. We are full service, innovative, and transparent, offering you a collaborative partnership with an expert team of seasoned professionals, from salty to spicy, with decades of advertising experience.