What Does Your Website Content and Website Design Say About You?

Feb 25, 2022 | Digital

There are many possible answers to this question but one thing is for sure. Good website design and website content speaks directly to your consumer. As your online, 24 hour, unpaid employee and storefront, the way your website presents itself speaks directly to the consumer about who you are. It is a direct representation of what your brand stands for and its values.

Here are the most common responses to the question, what does your website say about you?

Your business is antiquated.

 If you haven’t changed the look of your website in five years, your web visitors will not have a good user experience, since so much has changed since then. Think of it like dog years.  For one thing, website design looks different. Website design is now cleaner, minimalist and pared back. Gone is the complexity of 3D design and drop shadows. This also makes your website easier to read and a better user experience. Video is everywhere to ease shorter attention spans. Keep in mind, five years ago being “above the fold” was important. Now we scroll down to explore the website content.

You never considered the mobile revolution.

 Over 68% of all people view their websites on mobile device driving 53% of time on site, according to perficient.com/insights. Having a mobile responsive site used to be an option that many businesses overlooked but now you would miss over two-thirds of your potential customers. Website design features that help the mobile audience include adaptation to all screen sizes, Best practices also include minimal text, bigger fonts, high quality resolution on all images and a user experience that is streamlined. Mobile responsive sites have gone from being an option to being an expectation.

You haven’t done anything with your business in five years.

 If you haven’t updated your blogs, articles, event listings or anything that involves a date, it appears that your business is on hiatus. A website needs constant updates to stay relevant to the consumer. An outdated website looks like the business was abandoned.

You are not detail oriented.

 This can show up on your website design in many ways. Are the profile section photos different from each other- backgrounds, lighting, black and white vs. color? Is your web design consistent in the way it presents all visuals and its functionality? This includes elements such as headers, footers, sidebars and navigation bars. Keep in mind, websites should never use more than two fonts. Page layouts and typography should also be consistent in your web design.

You don’t care if people buy.

 One of the most important parts of your web content should be your call to action. If you don’t include a call to action or give people a reason to buy, you are letting them know you don’t matter to them. A CTA gives the web user an action to take before they leave the site. This also creates a better user experience by providing the easiest route to the next step. It would be like driving on a freeway without exits and directional signs. We highly suggest A – B testing to maximize the best CTA for your return on investment.

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