Secrets to Being an Exceptional Leader

Nov 24, 2019 | Spotlight

knoodle is my passion, my life and my family. I am grateful to be part of this advertising agency, but it was founded by accident – I was tired of working for unscrupulous corporate men who over sold clients and under delivered on promises. Don’t get me wrong… I liked the cushy corporate expense accounts, benefits, ready-made product and the ladder to climb. However, the frustrations of not being able to deliver on my promises to clients was too much for me.

The biggest perk in owning my own business is choosing the team I surround myself with. It has changed over the years but I am proud to say the team I have right now will take us to the national level. I am also proud of knoodle’s clients. My very first two clients, Fulton Homes and Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, still remain with knoodle today after more than two decades. Recently, we have added UCP of Central Arizona and Phoenix Children’s Hospital to our family of clients. And due to the level of talent on our team, it continues to grow.

Why Phoenix?

Arizona has a reputation for being a strong pro-business state with a great employee base. Things like being able to affordably hire employees while navigating lower overhead costs made Phoenix a perfect home for knoodle. Phoenix is an attractive hub for tech, art, entertainment, hospitality and startups.

Beyond just my work with knoodle, teaching aspiring advertising creatives at the Art Institute of Phoenix gave me an inside look at the caliber of creative talent Phoenix is fostering. I also mentor business women looking for growth and development through the National Association of Women Business Owners exclusive program, which I co-chair. This gives me a close personal connection to so many other dedicated female business owners, and judging just by my fellow board members, Phoenix’s female entrepreneurial community is in more than capable hands.

If I had to impart advice as a venerated female business owner in Phoenix, I’d caution them to do their homework. It is necessary to have a viable product or service with potential to excel in their given market. I advise them to conduct extensive research on the area and potential client base, and to make sure they are sufficiently funded or have a starting client base before kicking off your business. The Valley offers a moderate cost of living and a chance to do well. Once that happens, don’t forget: when you do well, pass it on.