Barking Up the Right Tree: How to Create a Paws-itively Successful Grand Opening

Jun 20, 2024 | Marketing Strategy, Public Relations, Social Media

When it comes to launching a new business, strategic planning and execution are key to ensuring a successful grand opening. At Knoodle Advertising, we recently had the opportunity to orchestrate the grand opening of Mutts Canine Cantina in El Paso. Here’s a look at how we made this event a tail-wagging success.

Crafting Media Buzz for a Grand Opening Event

Hyping the Media Months in Advance
One of the most crucial steps in our strategy was generating media interest well before the event. By reaching out to local reporters and producers months in advance, we were able to secure early coverage and build anticipation. Establishing these connections early on allowed us to create a buzz that would crescendo on the day of the event.

Building Relationships with Local Media
Local reporters are always on the lookout for exciting community stories. We took the time to build relationships with them, ensuring they had all the information needed to cover the grand opening comprehensively. By providing exclusive insights and opportunities, we made it easy for them to get excited about Mutts Canine Cantina and thanked them with exclusive swag-bags on the day of the event.

Creating a Grand Event with Community Involvement
The grand opening event was meticulously planned to include a full timeline of activities from morning until evening. This not only engaged the community but also provided multiple touch points for media coverage.

Highlights Included:

Parade Led by a Local High School Mariachi Band
This added a unique and festive touch that caught everyone’s attention and kicked off the grand opening with a bang

Ribbon Cutting with the Chamber of Commerce
Involving the Chamber added a level of formal recognition and legitimacy, plus provided incredible visuals for media in attendance.

Contests, Prizes, and Giveaways
These activities kept attendees excited and engaged, while increasing social media tags and posts from the event.

Did somebody say, “Free Food?”
Yes, we did! Complimentary food is a crowd-pleaser and ensured a steady stream of visitors were able to try a variety of MUTTS’ menu items. Plus, the ongoing snacks encouraged guests to visit the bar and partake in refreshing beverages to wash their tacos down with. “Hello, Barkaritas®”

Involvement of Local Nonprofits
Partnering with local nonprofits and dog-related businesses, such as the Humane Society, showcased the business’s commitment to the community and doing what’s best for El Paso’s pups.

The Puparazzi went Muttts over the event
The launch of grand opening resulted in extensive media coverage, including multiple television spots airing before, during, and after the event. Local magazines and newspapers also ran stories, generating an estimated $42,500 worth of media coverage to date.

MUTTS for Vets Presentation
Two local veterans were awarded service dogs and training to help them overcome PTSD and other trauma related to their military service. The veterans were honored at the event with certificates and gift cards.

Live Music and an Incredible DJ
What’s a grand opening event without music? We wouldn’t know because we had the Lush Life Quintent play an upbeat set to get everyone moving and grooving. Then the incredibly talented DJ Hex closed out the evening with high energy music, including hip hop, house, oldies, country and more, which had patrons and pups dancing the night away.

Ensuring Continued Success and Visibility

Notably, the buzz continues to grow, keeping Mutts Canine Cantina in the spotlight. The success of this event demonstrates why it’s essential to have a PR professional handle the grand opening and launch of a new business. With the right strategy, connections, and execution, your new venture can start off on the right paw.

Ready to create a buzz for your new business? Contact our PR team today and let us help you plan a grand opening that ensures your venture starts off on the right paw!

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