Look out marketers, here come the Olympics July 26 to August 11th

Jun 25, 2024 | Events & Celebrations, Marketing Strategy

Ah Paris, the most romantic city in the world, the City of Light. This summer it gets even more magical when the Summer Olympics descend upon it and bring with it worldwide attention.

The Summer Olympics, two plus weeks of competition showing up on screens everywhere. Finally, something fresh to watch when it’s too hot to do anything else.

Not only do we have something to watch on TV, but we in the marketing world also have a platform with a great opportunity to market. Paris offers incredible cultural importance, iconic venues, set in a historical backdrop. What a great combination!

It’s a positive atmosphere to run marketing campaigns and allows for frequency – repetition to create a three-week campaign, and three different avenues to run it. In a world where the news has become increasingly negative, we have a reprieve with diverse sporting events, global unity, national pride and feel-good moments.

This is also the first year that the Olympics opens with a floating parade along the Seine. It will be elegant, majestic and a one-of-a-kind moment that you can bet will be talked about. And it’s not the only one. Backdrops of the sporting events venues will be all over France (and Tahiti) and include the Eiffel Tower for volleyball, Chateau de Versailles for the equestrian program and pentathlon, Grand Palais for fencing and Tae kwon do, Stade de France for track & field and rugby, Bercy Arena for gymnastics and basketball and Roland Garros for tennis and boxing. Surfing takes place off the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia, 9,765 miles away. Closing ceremonies are held at Strade de France.

This can be your moment. My media sources tell me there is still inventory left.

This is a golden opportunity to reach big audiences on a daily basis for sixteen days.

Don’t miss your chance to shine on the world’s stage

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with millions of engaged viewers. Seize this moment to elevate your brand and be part of this historic event. Act now to secure your spot and make a lasting impression!

Secure Your Olympic Ad Spot Now

Where to market for the Olympics

Here is the inside scoop on how you can get a piece of the attention and be part of this historic buy. Along with what I’ve learned in my almost 30 years in the business – particularly when it comes to advertising during the Olympics. There are three different ways to buy the 2024 Summer Olympics:

NBC – Sports is Network television’s last remaining vestige of viewers. In the Phoenix market (and most of Arizona) it is KPNX 12. The Summer Olympics will be kicking the day off with TODAY at 7am and offering live coverage between 9am and 6pm. At 7pm, Olympic Zone runs, which is similar to a nightly pregame. Primetime feature highlights of what happened during the day. Late fringe and late night will offer repeat highlights.

One of my favorite time periods for media buying during the Olympics are weekend days. I have bought this daypart for many Olympic broadcasts over the years, and it has always produced.

Let’s face it. In Phoenix, it’s too hot to do anything else. I was able to get a $3,000 spot rate for a 7.8 rating which is on the high side, but I think it will exceed that rating by 2 points. It’s a $758 cost per point or an $80 cost per thousand at the estimated rating. But think about how much less it is than buying an Arizona Cardinals game?

The local affiliate is selling packages, but schedules can be customized for clients who want to spend less than the package prices which go well into the six figures. We were able to negotiate a deal for Fulton Homes that had all the high points for much less.

Also, KPNX 12 will be posting daily to the standard 90% and making up points if there is a performance issue. With all the buzz, I expect the numbers to exceed the estimated ratings and thousands projected. In short, I don’t expect many points to be made up during the Olympics.

PEACOCK – In the Phoenix market, Peacock will be carrying livestream Olympic action
For those who want to watch the competition as it happens. This can have great advantages if you want to layer in targeting along with Olympic viewing. For instance, we were considering a buy that included those intending to buy a home on the platform along with the Olympics. Keep in mind, this can be budget friendly because it is sold on a cost per thousand bases. But also note the cost per thousand for Olympic programming is a net CPM of $75, which is similar to the broadcast CPM. You can also target geographically.

CABLE – In the Phoenix market, it is predominantly a Cox Cable buy. The USA network is offering the bulk of programming which includes the opening ceremony, swimming, gymnastics, some track and field, soccer and closing ceremonies. CNBC, E, ESPN and GOLF channels are also offering coverage. The coverage is mostly during the day. If you have less to spend this can be a way to get in on the Olympic audience with spot rates that are more manageable for smaller advertisers. For instance, I looked at a Phoenix Interconnect schedule with spot rates that started at $75.

Decisions, decisions…

Keep in mind, the platform you choose has to do with the media habits of those you are targeting. NBC is bound to have older viewers accustomed to network sports and those who don’t subscribe to Peacock or cable. Peacock will snare its share of those who spend most of their media time streaming and who want a live stream without as much commentary. Cable will attract their subscribers who are surfing for Olympic events during the day.

About the author:

Rosaria Cain is CEO of Knoodle and oversees media planning for the agency. She has spent over 40 years buying, selling and consuming media.