How To Issue A Crisis Response

Feb 15, 2024 | Guides, Public Relations

Making Things Right: How to respond during bad publicity.

Being at the heart of negative press is not fun. The urge to ignore and hope things clear up on their own is tempting. But it never works. The good news is you have the public’s attention. They are interested. Use that to your advantage to control the narrative. And there are many ways to do that.

Knowing these options and communication strategies ahead of time is key. Again, you are in the driver’s seat even though it may not feel like it. Or may feel like you are being unfairly attacked. Take the high road as they say. Being on the defensive is never an option. Look to the previous blog article on “The Art of Apologizing” for tips on what your response says.

Now here is how to deliver that message:

External Strategies

  • Media Interviews (e.g. TV, radio, remote, etc)
  • Issue a Statement
  • Issue a Press Release
  • Create a Video Address
  • Arrange a Press Conference
  • Offer a Media Exclusive
  • Place an Op-ed
  • Host Virtual and/or in Person Town Halls
  • Set up a Hotline
  • Partner with Partner Organization on Announcement
  • Engage and Activate Brand Advocates and Third-Party Expert Network
  • Activate Social Media Channel-Specific Approach and Response
  • Solicit Consumer Feedback (Brand Listening Strategy and Response)

Internal Strategies

  • Emergency All Staff Meeting/Training
  • Emergency Board of Directors Meeting/Training
  • Written Message/Letter to Employees and Partners
  • Video Address to Employees and Partners
  • Online Meeting/Video Conference


As you can see, you  have options, tons of them. When you’re surrounded by bad press, use the moment to respond with genuine concern and actionable items to course correct. Don’t dwell on the past, instead, commit to a future state and put your brand back on the right path. Correcting any inaccuracy or nuance doesn’t do you any favors – instead dissociate from the negative and take steps to prevent the same situation from happening again, all in the name of protecting your brand and your customers.

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About the author:

Korenna Wilson, Knoodle Director of PR & Content, has nearly 20 years of experience in Public Relations, with a majority of which spent in Washington, DC in crisis communications, helping clients preserve their brand reputation and emerge from crisis unscathed.