UCP Of Central Arizona


United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona has a seventy-year history in the disability community and yet, many people do not know exactly who the organization serves or what diagnoses other than cerebral palsy they treat. They selected Knoodle to create a campaign focused on stronger brand recognition to increase donations and communicate the numerous diagnosis they serve.


UCP wanted to increase donations to the organization in a very crowded nonprofit world, during a challenging COVID environment with an uncertain post pandemic economy. In addition, they were transitioning from an events-based platform to a digital platform in order to develop a new donor base. New donors did not have a history with UCP and were not familiar with the mission or the services that they provided. They needed a reason and an urgency to want to donate to UCP.

Knoodle Key Strategies


a dynamic positioning statement that identifies what United Cerebral Palsy of
Central Arizona does, the diagnosis they treat and the diverse clients they serve.


a new campaign around the tagline Possibilities Realized to educate the donor about the importance of their donations and the critical services that UCP provided.


a brand-new website. The campaign focused on increased traffic, digital ads, and donations to the website. It featured Spanish translation, easy accessibility for the blind and hearing impaired and beautiful, diverse images of the individuals they served.


a dynamic, tagline, consistent new branding, website, collateral, SEO generating digital ads, blogs, video, and social media to attract new donors and re- engage past donors and clients.


a digital dashboard to view real time analytics that allows the internal team to evaluate marketing messages. This resulted in strong targeting of donors, potential employees, and the services that UCP provides.


UCP name recognition through a creative outdoor and digital campaign.


Individual donations increased by over a million dollars up 79% over 2021

Website traffic doubled from 2019-2022

Spanish speaking website visitors increased by 266%

The Facebook page reach increased by 88.7%, for a total of 185,914 followers

The accessibility scores doubled to make the site more accessible for all users

The new brand inspired reassurance and trust in the organization, increased new donors, and a renewed commitment of existing supporters