Fulton Homes


Fulton Homes was founded in 1976 by Ira Fulton. When Knoodle began working with then marketing director Doug Fulton (who is now CEO) in 1999, Fulton Homes was relatively an unknown East Valley homebuilder in the Phoenix area, selling a small quantity of homes with a handful of communities each year.


Fulton Homes had greater aspirations. As the young marketing director wanted to make his mark, he wanted to go Valley wide and build a recognizable brand that would center around family, community and a company with purpose.

Publication Design

Knoodle Key Strategies


a consistent marketing campaign that added to their newspaper only media and elevated awareness with radio, TV, and outdoor. In fact, during the Great Recession,
Fulton Homes was the only homebuilding brand to continue with a regular advertising effort. They were the first homebuilding company in Arizona to have a website and continues to have an extensive digital push with social media ads, email marketing, SEO work and paid search.


creative that spoke to the times and became recognizable for its emphasis on not the homes itself, but the communities and the families that became raving fans of the brand. Knoodle has produced over 200 TV commercials, 334 radio messages, 85 outdoor boards, and one documentary- which currently plays at a local movie theater to debut their latest community in Queen Creek.


appointment TV programming like the Super Bowl, Academy Awards, playoff games and other prime opportunities on a regular basis for high reach of the market.


title opportunities for over 250 cause marketing campaigns in the areas that their homebuyers care most about: education, water safety, patriotism/veteran programs, pet safety, and first responders’ recognition. In most cases, Knoodle developed the promotions with local radio and television stations and drew press that escalated the exposure even more.


exposure and credibility with a regular public relations and social media effort that has yielded over $4 million in third party press, to further the purpose driven brand and visibility in causes people care most about.

Digital Ads


Fulton Homes is one of the top privately owned homebuilders in the country and listed in the top ten homebuilders in Arizona.

Fulton Homes builds over 1,200 homes per year and the most recognizable brands in the industry.

Fulton Homes sells to generations of homebuilders and develops all of their own master planned communities.

Knoodle reduced Fulton Homes’ digital ad cost per click to 1/10th the industry average for homebuilders through aggressive A/B Testing.

Knoodle’s scientific approach to continually improving ad performance enabled Fulton Homes’ digital ads get 4x the number of clicks as the industry average, getting more clicks for lower cost, and generating 10x more leads.