Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Aug 31, 2023 | Content, Public Relations, Social Media

Because Your Cat Videos Aren’t Enough

Still not blogging? We’ve been there. A blog isn’t just a buzzword your traveling aunt throws around – it’s the secret sauce to leveling up your online game. So, if you’re still stuck in the “I-don’t-need-a-blog” era, this blog will change your mind. (“Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?” – thank you Alannis for that iconic jam and waking us up).

  1. Step Up Your Online Strut

Blogging 101: the internet is a giant playground, and Google’s the boss kid. When you’ve got a blog pumping out fresh, engaging content, you’re basically giving Google a reason to high-five you. Your website climbs the ranks, and suddenly, potential customers are flocking to your digital doorstep. Show that blog swagger on your website but also feature it on LinkedIn, Facebook or a visual version on Instagram. Tease it and encourage social media readers to seek more information.

  1. Traffic Jam, but the Good Kind

Imagine your website is a happening party. Now, a blog is that cool friend who brings in all the other cool friends. By churning out informative, can’t-miss content, you’re not only dropping knowledge bombs but also reeling in curious visitors who might’ve missed your flashy entrance.

  1. The Sherlock of Your Niche

Ever met someone who knows everything about everything? You can be that someone in your industry. Just a less annoying version. A blog is your podium to show off your expertise and shout, “Hey, I know stuff!” When you do, trust skyrockets, and customers line up like fans at a rock concert.

  1. Cupid’s Arrow to Customer Hearts

Picture this: you’re at a party, and you’re on. You’re cracking jokes, sharing stories, making friends. A blog lets you do that online. Engage with your readers, answer comments, and boom! And maybe they will even share it with their friends. You’ve got a relationship that’s more comfortable and more flattering than your yoga pants.

  1. Say Hello to Content Marketing

A blog is like a treasure trove of content gold. You’re not just selling stuff; you’re sharing value. You’re solving problems, addressing fears, and giving folks a reason to remember you when it’s time to whip out their wallets. Your customers are finding your website because of the keywords that are in your blog. It’s pure magic. Your best blog subjects come from the questions that your customers, clients, and colleagues ask you. Keep a book of these questions; each one makes an excellent blog.

  1. School’s in Session

You know that feeling when you get the answer right in class? Your blog can do that for your customers. Teach them about your products, services, and the weird quirks of your industry. An educated customer is a happy customer, and a happy customer is a loyal one. Do a little homework. Know where your customers are so that you can make absolutely certain the blog is showing up in exactly the right place.

  1. Fame? Check. Fortune? Six months.

Brand awareness doesn’t come from thin air; it comes from giving the people what they want. Your blog’s that spotlight, shining on you as you drop wisdom bombs left and right. And when readers can’t help but spread the word about your amazing insights, you’re on your way to becoming a household name. It’s definitely a process that builds over time.

  1. Social Media’s Wingman

Hey, remember that time you posted your cat’s hilarious antics on Facebook and it went viral? Yeah, a blog is like that, but with a pinch more sophistication. Your posts become shareable content, fueling your social media game and leading folks back to your website like a trail of breadcrumbs.

  1. Sold on Sales

Oh, you thought blogs were just for nerdy intellectuals? Nope, they’re savvy sales tools. Slide in a crafty call-to-action, and suddenly your readers are marching to your checkout page. At Knoodle, we like to offer 15% off videos in August, for example. OR a free website audit. Then you might even get their email in return and get them hooked on your brand.

  1. Tailored to Fit

Blog content isn’t one-size-fits-all. Need to explain your intricate products to newbies? Whip up a how-to guide. Want to flaunt your industry insights? Share some snazzy case studies. Write a full length article and offer it as gated content. With a blog, you’ve got a content Swiss Army knife.

  1. A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Social media posts are like shooting stars – here today, gone tomorrow. But a blog? It’s like a vampire or those extra ten pounds that won’t go away (in a good way). Your posts stay relevant, attracting visitors and sprinkling magic dust on your SEO rankings long after they’re published.

  1. Stay Lookin’ Fresh

Think of your website as a shiny new car. Now, think of a blog as that new air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. Search engines love that fresh scent of updated content, so your blog helps your site spicy and current.

Blogs aren’t just another business fad; they’re the superhero capes your business needs. Whether you’re a genius thought leader or just dipping your toes into the writing waters, a blog can skyrocket your online presence, drive traffic, showcase your expertise, and turn those casual clicks into lifelong fans. It’s time to toss those cat videos aside and let your blog shine – because in the digital wild west, it’s the pioneers with the blogs who strike gold. And they do this by using their Knoodle.

And if all us fails, hire us to do it for you. Yes, we do that.