Why we love startups

Oct 24, 2023 | Brand Conversations

At Knoodle, a local Phoenix ad agency, we love startups. They represent living the American dream. As a marketing agency, when we have the opportunity to help entrepreneurs get their products and services to market, we consider it a privilege.

When we are working with these industry innovators, we feel like we are part of their journey. Every innovator has a story of how they got there. Some make it. Most don’t. But it doesn’t make it any less exciting. And frequently those who don’t make it, come back with something better. I have tremendous respect for those brave enough to put their ideas on the line. It’s humbling. Ask me how I know- I once tried to get an all-woman handyman service into the startup arena. I wrote the business plan, put a team together and tried to sell it to investors. I called it Handy Mandy. While I could have marketed it, I was unable to sell it. I found the whole experience equally invigorating and humbling.

When I started Image Quest Multimedia in 1999, I was much luckier. I had no startup funds, or clients before going from a media rep at the local cable affiliate, FOX 10, to creating my own agency. But I also had no debt. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. In 2006, we changed the name to Knoodle and created a new identity. Our first client was Fulton Homes, which we still maintain the relationship with 24 years later.

Most startups require a brand, logo, positioning strategy, website, and a way to reach potential customers and investors in order to get to the next step. Are you prepared to take that leap? 🚀

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Knoodle has worked with a range of startups in real estate, senior communities, professional athletes (creating a yard game), and textile manufacturers. We have taken the journey with each of these enterprising entrepreneurs. We have built websites, PR plans, created videos, photography and developed their marketing strategies.

One of our favorite startups that made it big and went national while helping artisans in another area of the world was Etnico Trading Company. The entrepreneur, Esteban Ibarra, took one-of-a-kind textiles from Argentina, Bolivia and Chile and created a market for them in the United States. These textiles are all pieces of art and sell for hundreds of dollars. His site can be found at etnicotrade.com. We incorporated the Etnico story with original photography, and showcase it as if it were a magazine shoot.

Ibarra gives back a portion of all the profits to the artists in these communities nestled along the Andes Mountain range in South America.

Another example is a savvy, executive coaching business called TTR. We created their website, TTR Executive Coaching.com. Founded by Ellie Tava, in conjunction with veteran sales and marketing executive Derick Brownell, they’ve created a team and business model that helps CEOs and top professionals get out of their own way and meet their business goals. In addition, Knoodle is partnering with them to come up with exclusive marketing packages for their clients, who are seeking marketing help.

In essence, when we work with startups it’s more than providing marketing support. We offer an unbiased perspective and work through the broader business strategy together, with growth and market potential in mind.

About the author:

Rosaria Cain founded Knoodle in 1999 and routinely councils startups and businesses of all sizes in the area of marketing. Her team of twelve, located in Phoenix, Arizona, offers award winning branding, video, photography, public relations, digital services and media strategy inhouse. She loves the marketing arena, cooking and is gaining fluency in Italian 🇮🇹