Why Hire a Media Buyer

Dec 1, 2020 | Digital

Pay less and get more from media without breaking a sweat

As an agency and former media representative, I often see businesses choose to buy their own media. They like the free trips, the 15% agency discount and the tickets to sporting events. Consider this: you are actually paying handsomely for these benefits. Why do you think the media gives you these benefits? It is far cheaper than having an agency get the business because they negotiate better deals (for the client) at lower rates.

Here is the other side of the coin:

With the right media buyer, you will see a substantial return on your dollar. You’ll see a cohesive strategy with all your media working together. You’ll see lower rates- even with the agency discount. And you’ll save time. Plus, the result will be more effective media resulting in more business.


A good media buyer will do a great deal of research on where your prospective customers and clients are, what type of media they digest, and what is the most effective way to get the desired result. They will look at multiple media outlets for the best potential outcome.

This leads to…


Achieving the lowest possible rates for the best potential offerings takes time. It requires that we speak to all media with potential placement possibilities, negotiating with each representative personally and comparing negotiating measures to squeeze out the best price for our clients.

BEWARE: This is why most media representatives will try to talk you out of hiring us.

And when we do book a schedule we are very specific on what we are ordering. This is how we handle…


To prevent any potential errors and to verify everything promised, we put together each booking on a purchase order, once the client signs off on it. This includes the specific schedule, programs, times and ratings or audience numbers promised. We even check to make sure clients get a fair rotation within a certain timeframe. We hold media accountable. Often times, clients don’t know what to look for.

And that leads us to…


Media does not stop until we account for every spot ordered. This is done to validate the following: programming, days, times, even rotations. We post all television buys to a 90% ratings guarantee. If ratings thresholds have not been met, we negotiate a make good schedule with the media vendor. We make sure the billing is 100% accurate.

To test this theory, if you find this unbelievable, ask your media rep about what they think about hiring a media buyer. Most media representatives will do everything they can to talk you out of it. Why pay the 15% when they do it all free?

My answer: strategy, negotiation, proper booking and reconciliation will make the business more money while saving time.

Isn’t that what everyone is looking for?

Rosaria Cain | Founder & CEO