What Your Website May Say About You

Jul 25, 2023 | Digital, Web Design, Web Development

Digital Marketing

Whether you are intentional or not about your brand, you have one and it says a lot about you. And it starts with your website.

Your website speaks volumes and it could be sending the wrong message.

Much of this is due to the fact that you checked the website task off your list and never looked at it again. Or maybe you never infused your own brand personality into it. And yet your services and products are uniquely you. They have a personality and a style and just waiting to be matched with the right customer. Is your website uniquely you?

If not, here are some messages your website could be sending out unintentionally.

I’m Boring

Okay, you might not be boring and your product or service might not be boring but the way you portray it on your website might need a lift. A copy-heavy website devoid of video, no original photography or a lack of color may signal snooze fest to the consumer . A good website should always be interesting and visually appealing- at least to the consumer looking for your product. The aesthetics and first impressions play a key role here.

In 2021, Etnico Trading Company, a maker of luxury textiles from Argentina was shopping for an agency. Knoodle was thrilled to win the business. These one of a kind rugs, blankets, and pieces of art were priced at $700 and up to start. We created the brand and website with this in mind. The brand statement, Woven in Tradition, and the llama logo, was synonymous with high end luxury. The client splurged on original photography on the site, providing the authentic backstory of the artisans that created these magnificent pieces by hand. The branding and photography told a story that was interesting, engaging and stole the hearts of designers and architects around the country.

CEO Esteban Ibarra could have started with a basic website – particularly since he was beginning his luxury textile company. And yet he opted for a well designed website with beautiful photography and storytelling to match the brand he was building. Demand was so strong that keeping up with it was his biggest challenge. In the end, he had to raise his prices because luxury demanded a bigger price tag.

I’m Outdated

Websites don’t run on autopilot. It’s more than securing the initial URL. It’s your brand and primary sales tool.The problem with not looking at your own website regularly is you might forget to add new products or delete those you no longer carry. It can also be the perfect venue to tease what’s ahead.

A website can also show your age. The way it looks can be a throwback to another decade. Fonts come and go and navigation styles can make your website look like a relic of the past. This also applies to blog and social content . There are many websites that stopped blogging years ago and the dates say it all.

UCP of Central Arizona is a good example of a website that had great content but needed a refresh with a better user experience. They had a rich base of loyal advocates but visitors were getting lost in the outdated content. Knoodle helped change that, putting new photography, visuals and stories at the forefront – ones that resonated with their audience. It ultimately helped drive better donations and keep people on the site longer.

I Don’t Want Your Business

If you don’t have CTAs (calls to action) on your website, it’s like telling the world you don’t want their business. CTAs are the offers that create a need for the consumer to make a decision. It signals to them to take the next step and turn that interest into further engagement.

One of our roofing clients, American Roofing & Waterproofing, for instance, asks homeowners to click for a free estimate or text a picture of their roof. This generates immediate engagement and ability to track that connection, while also giving the visitor an immediate personalized response. Win-win.

Other CTA click bait can include:

  • Sign up for a free trial, future event, or product. CEO Joe Pusz of PMO Squad offers free project management templates, which builds his email list. Many of these prospects become clients.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter can be a way to stay connected to potential consumers who want to know more.
  • Try for free or Get Started allows people to try a product without risk.
  • Download now prompts users to download an app, eBook or gated content.
  • Claim your discount offers shoppers “a deal” and gets them off the fence.
  • Limited time offer creates urgency.

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About the author: Rosaria Cain is CEO of Knoodle, a marketing firm. While she oversees all company operations, she handles research, strategy, media and cause marketing promotions personally. She has taught marketing, is former president of the National Association of Women Business Owners and consults with businesses on a variety of business issues.