The Benefits of Video Marketing for SEO

Feb 5, 2021 | Digital, Landing Pages, Video

Video marketing is a hidden gem when it comes to the marketing world, and has become increasingly more important in recent years. Here are some ideas on how to use video marketing as part of a great strategy that will help your website beat out others for views and page clicks.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

The concept of “binge-watching,” or falling down an endless hole of mindless videos on YouTube or any other video platform, is a familiar experience for many. Humans love to get lost in videos because our brains are capable of processing video 60,000 times faster than reading text. Marketers can tap into this as a way to leverage the use of video in video marketing and improve landing page SEO.

How Do Videos Improve SEO?

Videos have unlimited potential when it comes to improving landing page SEO. Google actively prioritizes pages that contain video, so much so that pages with video are 53x more likely than those without to have a spot on the first page of Google’s search results.

Landing Page Videos

What is a landing page? In the simplest of terms, it’s the first page you “land on” once you click on a link. It can be practically any page: a home page, a product page, a blog post, sales page, etc. These landing pages featuring videos, or video landing pages, are also shown to significantly boost conversion rates. In fact, one study concluded that using video on a landing page can increase conversions by 86%.

As humans, we engage more with images of other humans, rather than chunks of text, so a video of someone talking about a topic is deemed more appealing than reading a wordy landing page. Emotional cues are incredibly important when it comes to human interaction.

Video Marketing Best Practices

An effective way to keep the audience’s attention and keep them engaged is through establishing an emotional connection. One way marketers can create this connection is through a video using another person. However, marketers should keep in mind the fact that attention spans are limited. Landing page videos should aim to be around 90 seconds so as to hold enough content to be persuasive, yet not so much that the audience loses interest and closes the landing page.

The Effect of Video on SEO and Landing Page Optimization

Video can help with SEO and landing page optimization. Video landing pages help visitors to consume more information than they otherwise would, which gives the video landing pages a higher quality score according to Google. The higher the quality score, the more likely the page is to appear as one of the first Google search results.

Videos used on landing pages should also be accompanied by text that further explains the topic. Including a video transcript under the video can be helpful in increasing SEO score and audience engagement. There are tools like text-to-speech apps that can help simplify the process of transcribing videos. With video and text working together, your landing page will appear more relevant and authoritative, and Google rewards relevant, authoritative content with higher search engine rankings.

Examples of Video Marketing

Holy Yoga is a great example of how video landing pages should be formatted for optimum video marketing. The landing page prominently displays the video as soon as a visitor gets to the site. This landing page video lasts around 1:15, just long enough for the audience to get a sense of Holy Yoga’s offer, without being drawn out. A strong call to action is near the video, just waiting for clicks. Text also supports the video and sells the service.

Video Landing Page for Holy Yoga

Video Landing Page for Holy Yoga

Using proper SEO tactics such as videos on landing pages significantly helps increase the chances of getting and keeping eyes on your page. This is particularly helpful for smaller sites that are trying to strengthen their content to compete with bigger, more established websites.

American Roofing, for example, recently added video to its homepage to help visitors understand what they are (commercial roofers in Arizona), what they do, and why someone should pick them above their competition.

Landing Page Video on American Roofing Website

Landing Page Video on American Roofing Website

Including videos in your website marketing plan is a great way to accelerate your search engine optimization efforts and get your website ranking higher. If you need help creating high-quality marketing videos, contact knoodle, a video marketing agency that can help with video production, editing, effects, and video marketing strategy.