Social Entrepreneurship with Cause Marketing

Dec 1, 2020 | Cause Marketing

Social Entrepreneurship

Q: Social entrepreneurship involves doing business to solve an ill or problem in the community. How does your company demonstrate social entrepreneurship and cause marketing and what is the change you hope to foster?

Knoodle is crazy about cause marketing, which is the essence of social entrepreneurship. We put together programs that partner with a cause with a client, such as water safety or education, and pair the client with a media partner. We recommend this to our clients because they get the positive benefit of being recognized as a business that cares about the community with the great exposure of a radio campaign. We hope to make a difference through cause marketing.

Here is an example:

Fulton Homes does numerous programs for water safety such as 2 Seconds is 2 Long with KTAR or Fence Patrol on KMLE FM. They have been doing these programs since 1999. “This has really helped our brand in the community,” said CEO Doug Fulton, of Fulton Homes, “We do this to save the lives of children we care so much about.”

Knoodle has put together these cause marketing programs and others that include: Stuff the Bus, Proud to Own the 3 Point Zone, Cause for Paws and Books and Toys for Girls and Boys.

Rosaria Cain | Founder & CEO