Public Relations

Your expertise is yours and yours alone. At Knoodle, we make sure that story is told well, starting with the copy you choose for your website. We pinpoint your service and offerings and make them real, descriptive and memorable.

It starts with connecting your work to the people that benefit from it. Because sometimes you need to be reminded why you love your job so much. And that others do too.

With visuals and succinct language, we define your business and all that you do – drawing people in and keeping them there.

Announcements and Press Releases

As your company reaches significant milestones and surpasses goals for growth, it’s important people know about it and can follow your story as it unfolds. Knoodle will help you craft those announcements, both for internal (think investors and employees) and external audiences (everyone else). We help you create a public footprint of your company’s history and noteworthy successes. That pat on the back isn’t just for you.

Earned Media Interviews and Mentions

Knoodle builds spokespeople programs from the ground up, identifying and training a strong and diverse list of subject matter experts that can represent your brand well in the press, on all the topics that matter in your industry. Yes, you are a subject matter expert and we’re not talking about the current top 10 list on Netflix.

As Knoodle is establishing your bench of sought after spokespeople, our PR team will bring you opportunities to participate in news articles and segments – both in regular industry coverage as well as stories we pitch to the media that are unique to your brand. Mentions in media outlets build third party credibility and validate your work. It’s the other half that complements the paid advertising and the reason it’s called earned media.

Just check out the suite of earned media support Knoodle offers to support clients. Even media relationships take work. Sigh. But we are your relationship guru.. Knoodle develops a bespoke earned media program for each client that includes a mix of the following:

  • Media training
  • Issues and message mapping
  • Core talking points
  • Industry facts and stats
  • Daily news clippings
  • Presentation training
  • Story angle workshops
  • Press kits
  • Media lists
  • Editorial calendars
  • Media tours
  • Desk-side briefings
  • Press conferences and events


We all have opinions. And so should your business. Let us show you how to position your top talent as industry sources. Though short, informal narratives, we cull your knowledge and insider perspective on the topics that matter most to your clients.

We find the right tone and style of writing that makes sense for your audience – adding your company’s unique personality and culture to it, to attract attention and drive new business.


Your earned media story can only be made richer, fuller and more newsworthy with peer, third-party and community involvement. We help you identify the network of stakeholders that make the story whole and engage them in the earned media process. This can also bring to light gaps and opportunities to partner, engage or join like-minded organizations and leaders.

This approach can strengthen existing relationships and benefit both organizations with media attention and public awareness. Why are we picturing the 70’s Coca Cola commercial on the hilltop with everyone holding hands?

Cause Marketing

Knoodle thinks big picture and doesn’t create marketing strategies in silos. All marketing tactics – digital, creative, paid media and earned media – work together to raise the profile of our clients. We see this often in cause marketing, an approach that incorporates community fundraising into media buys. Investing in paid media and the community at the same time, by sponsoring segments that encourage public awareness. It’s a win-win and associates a brand with important causes.

White Papers

Client testimonials and qualitative data on the efficacy of a product or service is valuable. Knoodle can help businesses take the concept one step further and complete a white paper that pulls in existing quantitative data with an opportunity to supplement it with new surveys, polling, focus group analysis and academic review. Knoodle guides clients through the process and explores an array of options depending on budget and timeline. Besides, don’t you want to be able to use the phrase, “we’ve been peer reviewed?”

Events, Speaking Engagements and Executive Thought Leadership

Knoodle is clued into the most well-attended industry events and can secure speaking opportunities at each, developing a marketing strategy to leverage the exposure ranging from additional sponsorships, exclusive invite-only dinners and hosted receptions. Because sometimes it is all about who you know.

Related, Knoodle specializes in personal, online brand presence for executives with LinkedIn and listserve optimization plans.

Crisis Preparedness

Every organization has or will experience a crisis at one point – it’s a fact. Knoodle develops personalized crisis preparedness plans to anticipate possible scenarios and establish the communications infrastructure and policies to manage. In addition to the crisis plan itself, Knoodle hosts crisis preparedness drills to ready staff and find areas of weakness that can be corrected. Because it’s way more fun when it’s actually not a real crisis.