“¡Sí, se puede!” Iván Galaz, Creative Director reflects on his life of mastering his circumstances

Aug 16, 2023 | Creative, Spotlight

Every time Iván Galaz has been thrown into something, he comes out on top. Galaz, Creative Director of Knoodle, has done this his whole life.

  • He came out as a vegetarian. His family accepted him.
  • He came out as gay. Way easier than the vegetarian thing, according to Galaz.
  • Started at Knoodle in his first Creative Director role. Killed it!

“I hired Iván because his previous employer told me he could do anything- videos, creative in any arena, concepting, radio ads- he had it all,” said Knoodle CEO Rosaria Cain. “And I took a leap of faith and never looked back.”

  • Worked as Art Director for the biggest ad agency in the Southwest, (OH Partners) No problema! 

Galaz doesn’t like to talk about those years in which he worked 70 hour weeks, most weekends, Holidays, birthdays and even when on vacation.

He adds that the 4-day work week at Knoodle has been “mind blowing.” And he loves taking his four-legged friend and unofficial Knoodle mascot, Paco, to work every day. He values  his Knoodle unlimited vacation days, spent  traveling all over the world. 

Director of Client Services Sandra Guadaramma Baumunk, says “a day without Iván is like a day without sunshine.” Baumunk has even played his wife on TV commercials for client, Fulton Homes.

  • Learned English in elementary school through complete emersion. Done! 

Cain shakes her head. She herself is learning Italian and once went to immersion school. “That IS SO HARD!” she said. “Learning a new language on the fly as a six year old. Unbelievable.”

But Galaz said it was either “learn or die. Besides, I had to talk to somebody and I’m the type of person that has a lot of friends.”

  • Moved back to Mexico and was drafted into the military. He persevered. 

According to Galaz, there was only a  slim chance (5%) he would avoid  the mandatory service lottery.  He wasn’t part of the 5% and hje was called to service.

“It wasn’t that bad,” he said. “Part of my military service consisted of teaching senior citizens how to read and write, and trying to enlist them into my reading program.” Galaz spent his weekends in front of the local grocery store, Calimax, wooing adults over 50 and convincing them he could teach them to read and write. And he did- all fifteen of them.

  • Built his own production company while at Knoodle. ¡Sí, se puede! (Yes, it can be done! for those of you who didn’t learn Spanish in school.)

His past has been a constant elevation of career moves. He went from graphic designer to art director to creative director. He is completely bi-lingual and never misses the opportunity to be kind to someone. Knoodle Art Director Ben Heimer puts it this way, “he has been an unbelievable mentor and has taught me so many things.”

What else drives Galaz?

Did I say he is enamorado with Eddy Broadway, his partner and yes, that is his real name.