Woman-Owned Knoodle Marketing Agency Moves to Four-Day Work Week

Apr 13, 2023 | Press Releases

PHOENIX, AZ (April 5, 2023) – In an effort to create a happy workplace and better recruitment, Knoodle has followed in the footsteps of a recent British study with an option of a four day work week.

CEO Rosaria Cain had looked at the recent study and decided to try it as a pilot program. “We offered the four day work week as an option for those with the company over a year,” she said. “It’s an effort to improve productivity and team member retention,” she said.

Knoodle team members have the option of working four ten hour days.

The 4 Day Work Week Study

According to Cain, “The largest study to date on 4-day work weeks came out in late February, out of London. Not only are businesses seeing increased revenue but employees are generally happier, healthier and financially stronger. “As we grow and work to recruit and retain talent, the time was right to put this theory to use” she added.

The study, completed by the nonprofit 4 Day Week Global and the think tank, Autonomy followed 3,500 employees across 91 companies that opted in to the 100-80-100 model: employees get 100% of the pay for working 80% of the time and delivering on 100% of their output. The results are overwhelmingly positive and 92% of employer participants are continuing with the structure permanently.

“Our most productive work happens Monday through Thursday already,” said Sandra Guadarrama-Baumunk, Partner at Knoodle. “We’re formalizing that natural cadence of output into a new standard, and giving team members back their time to focus on what matters most.”

According to the study, trial participants reported several positive health and well-being outcomes: lower stress, better mental health, less negativity, more exercise and an easier time sleeping, according to self-reporting from trial participants.

Earlier this year, Knoodle and minority-owned creative agency, Dynamo Design Group (DDG) joined efforts to provide expanded capabilities and industry experience to clients. Both agencies are already attracting new business in life sciences, health and wellness, gaming and entertainment, action sports, and food and beverage.

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