Employee Spotlight: Jerry Ferguson, Director of Digital Strategy

Mar 25, 2024 | Digital, Spotlight

Meet Jerry Ferguson, the creative force behind Knoodle’s digital strategy. With a passion for problem-solving and a knack for creating order out of chaos, Jerry brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to our team.

Superhero Aspirations: If Jerry could have any superpower for a day, he wouldn’t pick flying or reading minds, without skipping a beat, he’d use it to clear his to-do list entirely, showcasing his dedication and efficiency.

Family Man: Outside of work, Jerry is a devoted family man, juggling the joys and challenges of raising six kids, ranging from 9 to 22 years old. His oldest three are in college, including his only two sons. So, he’s currently surrounded by his wife, young daughters, and Taylor Swift music on repeat 24/7. 

A Photographer’s Perspective: Photography isn’t just a hobby for Jerry – it’s a passion that shines through in every aspect of his life. If he weren’t immersed in websites and digital marketing, he’d pursue photography full-time. With a keen eye for detail and a love for capturing moments, Jerry’s creativity knows no bounds.

Flying High: Before joining Knoodle, Jerry spent nine exhilarating years as a helicopter reporter, soaring over iconic events like the Super Bowl, shooting for National Geographic and even clinching an Emmy for his outstanding work.

Favorite Project: Among his many achievements, Jerry holds a special place in his heart for his work with ETNICO Trade. From website design to photography, this project in Joshua Tree allowed Jerry to unleash his creativity and make a meaningful impact on his client’s business. 

Why Knoodle: What keeps Jerry energized and inspired at Knoodle? It’s the diverse range of clients and the fast-paced environment that constantly challenges him to think outside the box and drive positive change for businesses. He loves that no two days are alike, and the variety keeps it fun. 

Unfinished Symphony: If Jerry could pick up a new hobby, he’d strum away on a guitar, embracing the artistry of music and expanding his creative horizons.

Dinner with History: Given the chance, Jerry would share a meal with a past president or CIA director, eager to uncover the truth behind the mysteries of aliens and UFOs – He genuinely wants to know what’s out there and what happened at Area 51, which reflects his curiosity and adventurous spirit.

In Jerry’s world, every challenge is an opportunity, and every moment is a chance to make a difference. Here’s to the man who keeps us inspired and the visionary behind Knoodle’s digital success!