The Knoodle creative team has one mission: to grow your business – AND make you look good.

By tapping into our decades of experience, we update your brand to be highly relevant to your specific demographic. Here’s how.

Creative Strategy

Here comes that buzz word again. But as the saying goes, all good things take time – or is it a plan? Meh, fill in the blank. What we do know is you need a thoughtful strategy. Through a series of specific exercises, Knoodle’s design team develops a detailed plan that allow brand projects to come together with purpose, using reason, so everything has a strong, impactful message that resonates with the target audience.

Brand Strategy

Brand identity plays a significant role in the success of any company. It’s your first impression with potential customers. And sometimes you only get one shot.

A brand identity creates an instant emotion and connection with people. Our goal is to get your demographic (and everyone else) to fall in love with your brand. It’s your first touchpoint, let us help you make it memorable.

A company’s brand identity is made up of many parts, some of those are:
• Name
• Logo
• Color Palette
• Brand Fonts
• Brand Guide
• And more

Every one of these elements is important to create a cohesive look-and-feel that is recognizable.

Let’s take a look at some of the elements that combined create a strong brand identity.

Logo Design

The logo is the face of the company. It’s emotive and the personality of your brand.

A logo is a visual mark that also tells us what the business does. It may not always be obvious, but a well-designed logo typically contains a hidden graphical message that is subconsciously interpreted. If you pay close attention, you might be able to decipher it. You’ll start looking at brands differently. It’s what makes the Knoodle design team nerd out.

When people see your logo, they should instantly get a sense for what type of service your company offers.

A logo design can be as simple or complex as needed. It can be designed just using a typeface, or can include a more detailed icon or symbol. Truly there are no rules, except one: it should be unique and easily recognized by the public.

Color Palette

Colors are powerful. Think of a brand that has the colors red and yellow. The first thing that comes to mind is McDonald’s, right? That’s because they’ve done a phenomenal job with brand colors through the years. You can smell the french fries, can’t you? That’s their goal.

This is called brand recognition. Having a unique and consistent brand identity with a consistent color palette is important for this reason – when someone sees an ad using your brand colors, they can recognize it’s your brand even if your logo isn’t present.

Brand Font

A brand font can be traditional or contemporary or anything in-between. A brand font may not seem important, but it plays a big role in the way a brand presents itself. Insider tip – the brand font does not necessarily need to be used in the company logo.

Fonts are mainly used throughout the company collateral – anything from a brochure design, website, to the text/captions in a video, etc. to again, keep consistency with the look/feel of a brand.

Brand Guide

The Brand Guide is a sophisticated way to showcase every element of the brand with specific examples of how it should be applied. It’s a how-to and a how-not-to when using your company’s brand in public.

The guide helps anyone navigate working with the brand no matter how new they are to it. Let’s be honest, it’s also a brag book of the beautifully designed brand identity.


Collateral is a fancy way to say nice paper printed with your logo. It plays an important part for branding your business, to maintain consistency. The Knoodle creative team develop a collateral kit that consists of:

• Business card design
• Letterhead
• Envelope
• Email Signature
• Brochure Design
• And More

Having branded printed assets keeps a company looking polished, professional and well put together. And it beats writing your name and email address on the back of a crumpled napkin.


We heart photography. In fact, many people at Knoodle consider themselves photographers first, designers second. Visual storytelling can document so many facets of your business and bring it to life.

From staged to in-the-moment candid shots, we take the least exciting topic and make it look interesting and beautiful, so you can show the world everything your company has to offer. We do headshots, website photography, product photography and lifestyle photography for any and all industries.

And our photographers have the skills to find your perfect angle, every time.


If they say a photo is worth a thousand words, that means a video is worth a million! But really, video is where it’s at.

Video production is an immersive experience into your brand. It can help get your message out to the public in a relatable way. People prefer watching a video to reading an article. It’s the facts. And bonus – it gives you more creative license to showcase your brand and build a compelling pitch. Video production is a great way to deliver a message that a consumer can understand and digest, quickly and effectively.

A professionally directed and produced video can create emotion through a mix of visuals, copywriting, voiceover, and use of dynamic music and graphics. All these elements combined can be powerful and convince someone to consume a product they didn’t even know they needed. Yes, you read that right. 81% of viewers have purchased a product or service after watching a brand’s video and 88% of marketers report a positive ROI when incorporating video.

At Knoodle, we help you find the right voice for the right audience with the right story. Any mood, any style, we do it all in-house with our production company. We do commercial videography that can be used for broadcast, websites, social media, and any other outlet out there.

Here are some of the services included in creating a video:

• Concept
• Direction
• Produce
• Shoot
• Animation
• Talent Casting
• Copywriting
• Edit


We’re a big fan of documentaries. By definition, yes we’re getting scholarly here, a documentary is intended to document reality (not to be confused with bad reality television, which cough, we’re also a fan of, cough). It’s a form of visual storytelling that is educational and sheds light on someone or something of note that has had a profound impact. These are typically longer-form videos.

Documentary-type videos can be displayed anywhere from a company website, social media, a streaming service, to a movie theater, and everywhere in-between.

Advertising Campaigns

At Knoodle, we’re firm believers in not putting all your eggs in one basket. We see the value in a coordinated marketing campaign that reaches people more than once, through different platforms. Being top of mind is not easy with so much noise out there. We meet your audience where they are with the right message – and over and over.

Fun fact of the day: there are two types of campaigns in advertising, branding and marketing. A branding campaign is used for general awareness like a brand launch, expansion or refresh. A marketing campaign promotes a specific product or service during a specified time. At Knoodle, we use one or both, depending on what goals your company needs to hit.

Every campaign is different in size and reach too. Some campaigns use traditional video ads and billboards and others incorporate surprise elements, contests, social media and guerilla tactics.

Radio Ads

Radio is basically everything we said about television, minus the visuals. Just kidding. Sort of.

Radio can actually reach a much broader (albeit different) reach due to the difference in cost. A radio spot can quickly and easily deliver a message to a wide range of people. Just like in video, a radio spot can provoke an emotion depending on the tone of the voiceover and even the music choice.

At Knoodle, we are experts in sourcing professional voiceover talent and music for the right message and audience. It’s a huge part of what keeps people listening. If the tune is good, they’re less likely to channel hop.

We at Knoodle create radio spots from start to finish. Here are some of the services included in creating a radio spot:

• Concept
• Direct
• Produce
• Talent Casting
• Copywriting
• Edit

Social Media Videos

No, your intern cannot do your social media. And especially when it comes to video. Whether you are pursuing an organic or paid social strategy – or a mix of both – video is a key piece of that. So what makes a social media video different from a regularly produced marketing video? Not a lot to be honest. It’s all about the platform and the style and audience that defines it. The last thing you want to be is platform deaf. Really pulls down that cool factor a few notches.

The best kept secret to social videos? Keep them to 15 or 30 seconds at most – and have them build upon one another to create interest. Want another shortcut? We can edit shorter pieces from one larger video – pulling out digestible, important pieces that extend your existing content and promote the previous investment. Win-win. Or just start from scratch. We can help you with that too.