Account Management

The way we work

It’s fun. We’re real. And we’re really good at our jobs, including account management.

The Knoodle team starts with fully understanding you and all that you do. From every department to every audience, we become your most educated customer and closest confidant, so that we can provide recommendations that are right for you and right for your business. We contribute to the sales process, plan business continuity and discover growth opportunities. While we develop your marketing plan.

At Knoodle, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible service for our clients by delivering tailored solutions to meet each individual client’s needs. And we have the suite of talent, in house, to back it up and get the job done.

Role of Account Management

Executive level support for all clients – really. It’s not just talk.

Our account management team is present with the client from day one and never leaves. They oversee the advertising and marketing campaigns within the agency. This involves working with creative, digital, accounting, and public relations/social media departments, to ensure cohesiveness. Our account managers represent you, the client, within the agency.

It’s our job to be your biggest advocate – to ensure you’re on the path to success and course correct when needed.


The Knoodle account managers also take part in:

  • Market research
  • Developing new promotional strategies
  • Working hand in hand with clients to achieve successful campaigns

What does an average day look like in Account Management?

  • Continuous development and brainstorming of new campaign ideas
  • Reviewing and editing materials
  • Creating estimates to ensure that advertising projects remain within scope
  • Supervising the creative/digital team and facilitating collaboration between the agency and its clients
  • Being the final set of eyes on every piece of creative/digital work that the agency develops for its clients

This team of experts are the masters of detail and avid observer of marketing trends- specifically, among our client’s target demographic and audience. We drive the agency to always do better, think harder and produce the best results.