We’ve found that whether you’re selling diet shakes or life insurance, good storytelling is a key component. With our client, Prestige Cleaners, we wanted to bring awareness to their wedding gown alteration/preservation services. We knew we couldn’t just throw up a tile ad or do a brochure; we had to take it one step further. We had to appeal to the emotion of the audience. Weddings are, in a word, momentous. They’re deeply personal, emotional and meaningful occasions that require immense preparation. And as such, brides are trying to feel special, love, or any number of other happy feelings while preserving those memories of their special day.

It was a no-brainer. We were going to do a video. The stars were in perfect alignment as Prestige Cleaners had a customer that brought in her grandmother’s wedding dress from the 50’s and wanted it cleaned and tailored to fit her for her wedding. Through the video we were able to highlight the attention to detail, the love, care and thoughtfulness that went into every stich on the dress. It was emotional as you felt the bond between bride and seamstress bloom.

Should you decide to go behind the camera and make your business video, here are some key steps to ensure that you produce a compelling product that effectively conveys your message and creates a strong, visceral connection with your target audience.


Make sure your approval is sales-free

Avoid anything that looks like an infomercial and tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience. Creativity and a distinct, branded style go a long way.


Write, write and write again

Make sure the script is well written and in keeping with your audience. It’s important to speak in the appropriate language without using your industry jargon.


Challenge your creativity

I may be intimidating, but try some of the new techniques such as animation, stop motion or even 3D, which can add to the overall quality of the product and are readily available.


Take the quality over quantity approach

Take your time and create a high quality, meaningful video; it will be more engaging and reap better ROI than churning out multiple lower-quality videos.
The most important thing to remember is never lose sight of your audience. A video aimed at millennial brides should come across very differently from one targeting divorced baby boomers. Let the audience dictate the tone and feel of the video. It’s all about having fun.