The economy in Scottsdale is booming and it is ranked the number one city in the U.S. to find a job according to Wallethub. Growing job opportunities, employment growth, and annual median income are some of the key indicators of a job friendly city and Scottsdale exceeds in all of these categories.

This influx of jobs and opportunity does not only benefit those in the job market, but is also an opportunity for businesses to share what makes them special. By getting help from a Public Relations agency, businesses can take advantage of this opportunity. A PR agency understands the needs and wants in modern PR. Public Relations has had to adapt in many ways over the last decade due to the same factors that have affected the media. It is important to stand out and cut through hundreds of press releases that are hitting assignment desks every day. Consistently and fresh content will give Scottsdale media outlets a go-to source. The goal is to become a subject matter expert that can be called upon at any time.

Additionally, the City of Scottsdale has developed a 5-year economic development plan. The economic strategic plan identifies targeted industries that include health care & bio-life sciences, advanced business services (finance & insurance), technology and hospitality. All of which have had significant growth and offer high quality jobs and wages to Scottsdale residents, exceeding the Maricopa County average median income.

A Public Relations agency can also tell you that PR is more than just interacting with the media, it is telling your own story the way that you want to. Cause-marketing, sharing the company culture as well as why someone would want to work for the company, or even something as simple as sharing the opportunities that are available to those who are searching for new jobs are only a few of the out-of-the-box ideas that a PR agency will suggest to enhance coverage and understanding of your business. They have the experience and connections that would make any Scottsdale company’s release and media presence stand out.