We are half way through 2019, so let’s talk about some logo design trends. A logo should be timeless, but very few actually are; which mean your logo needs to be refreshed from time to time. Here are five trends for 2019 that we are seeing in logo design.


  1. Bright colors.

Bright, vibrant colors are definitely on strategy that has made a comeback. Vibrant combos and nearly neon colors have a unique look that could really speak to the tone of a brand. They can be easily adapted to different brand, and the best thing is bright colors can enhance the emotion a logo conveys.




  1. Gradients

Lots of monochromatic (single color) or multichromatic gradients have been changing the look of logos this year. Instagram made the change to a simple, multi colored gradient and just this year Facebook shifted from their trademark solid blue to a monochromatic gradient. It’s worth a look and the experimentation.

  1. Geometric Logos

Geometric shapes have one very valuable quality. They can easily simplify a complex figure. Since logos are used in big and small sizes, they need to be simple in order to be recognizable and “readable” even if small (e.g. on business cards or other marketing materials). Whether made in flat, 3D or perspective, geometric logo designs manage to capture the essence of a brand and convey it in a very elegant and conceptual look. Enjoy a few amazing examples of geometric logos.


  1. Minimalist

Minimalism has been a pretty steady trend for the last fewyears, as it makes the logo look clean and simplistic but still impressive. Many businesses prefer minimalist logo designs because they look good in small and big sizes. Moreover, such simplistic logos go well with all kinds of marketing materials and brand designs. The minimalist logo style goes hand in hand with the geometric logo style. The mix between minimalism and geometry help logo designers create simple, elegant, and witty conceptual logos. Here is an example of such a logo, accompanied by a bit of an insight into the making-of process.


  1. Minimalist Typographic Logos

The minimalist logo style will be often translated into minimalist typography. Creative minimalist typography logos are made by using just a letter or two of the brand’s name.

The minimalist typography logos may be accompanied by the full brand name on some marketing materials like business cards, brochures, billboards… or used solely