It has been said that we now have the attention span of a goldfish. Regardless of whether or not that is 100% true, we can all agree it takes more to attract and keep our attention these days. Consumers are bombarded with thousands upon thousands of ads, a statistic that has been significantly compounded by the social media advertising craze.

One way to stand out is through time-lapse videos. Watching something in 30 seconds that normally takes an hour, a day or even weeks can be captivating because it’s a fresh perspective. In principle, time-lapse video is not unlike aerial videography, which have boosted home sales by 68 percent, according to MLS statistics.

It works because it’s different. Unique video gives your customers what they’re looking for: a shiny object to consume.

Fortunately, today’s technology has made it easier and more accessible than ever. Knoodle was commissioned recently by Fulton Homes to capture an entire home being built over a 10-month period of time. After scouting the best locations and camera angles, we mounted the cameras and pressed “go.” Now in the ninth month, we’re excited to put on the final touches and use it as a powerful addition to Fulton Homes’ marketing plan.

Here are four reasons why time-lapse videos are a unique way to spice up your video marketing:

  1. Time lapse videos stand out. Since they capture more attention, they are more sharable and increase your likelihood of getting attention from the press, influencers or other media outlets. Since shooting time lapse requires a little more effort and planning, odds are your competition is not doing this. Or if they are, they’re not doing it well. What an opportunity for you!
  2. Time lapse captures movement. The best time-lapse videos offer plenty of eye candy. Show people walking around, the set up or take down of an event, a teambuilding event or an entire home being built, start to finish. The interesting movement is captivating to watch and difficult to take your eyes off of.
  3. Time lapse is great for storytelling. What activities or events do you do at your company that could not be experienced in a single setting? It’s a story that can be difficult to tell any other way. Time lapse offers an interesting vehicle to tell that story and let your customers experience part of your brand in a unique way. For example, few home buyers understand the process a homebuilder goes through when building a home. A time-lapse video gives them a visual journey from start to finish.
  4. Time lapse offers your customers a unique interaction with your brand. When taken to the extreme, time lapse can be a powerful way to showcase things going on around us we weren’t even aware of. For example, one company did a three-year time lapse video of Seattle from the Space Needle. It’s fascinating to watch as buildings, streets and communities evolve in real-time. Imagine the impact made when you create an experience your customers cannot get anywhere else.

If you’d like to explore how you could benefit from short- or long-term time-lapse videos, let’s set up a conversation.