Digital platforms will do everything in their power to get you to advertise with them. Digital advertising is great and certainly one of the most effective ways to get in front of a targeted audience, but it’s not as easy as clicking the “boost” button or throwing some bucks towards AdWords. There are steps you should take before you start a digital campaign in order for it to operate successfully.

So, before you jump into the world of online advertising, take a step back and assess the key components you’ll need to have ready.



Having a clean, up-to-date looking brand is important. If you have an old logo and a clunky website, you are wasting money with digital advertising. Remember, if people are interested in your ad online, chances are they’ll take the next step and look you up. Your brand needs to sell them just as much as the digital ad did.


Battle plan

We worked with a client who wanted to run a Facebook lead generation campaign for their new beauty business. We designed the ad, launched it, and the results were tremendous. In four weeks, they racked up nearly 800 leads; folks who signed up and were interested in learning more. All the client had to do was call them.

Once the campaign was over, we found out the client had not called a single lead. Not one. They had no interest in making phone calls and didn’t have the staff to assign this task to. The result was they had a long list of names they did nothing with. They asked for lead generation but had no plan of what to do when they got these leads.

Now, this may seem obvious, and you are probably telling yourself, “I’d have called all 800 of those leads!” and maybe that’s true, but you need to plan even further than that. Do you have a scheduling system in place? Do you have online forms new customers can fill out? You have to be prepared for every step beyond the digital campaign or else you’ll find yourself buried in data and not have anything to do with it.



You get a lot of data with digital campaigns. You can see exactly where your dollars went and how much each click cost, call, or lead cost you. That’s all great information, but it means nothing if you don’t have benchmarks in place to measure their success. How much is lead worth to you? How much is a click through to your website worth? These are statistics that only you can decide and you should do it before a digital campaign starts.

The key to a great digital campaign is knowing what you want to get out of it. All the website clicks in the world don’t matter if your goal is to build a lead list. Digital campaigns should be designed to meet your goals, not the other way around.


Once you have all of this in locked down, you’re ready to start your digital campaign. As the campaign runs, make sure you are paying close attention to the analytics. One of the greatest assets of digital advertising is the ability to quickly pivot and change direction if something is not working. Of course, if you lay the proper groundwork before your campaign gets rolling, the chances of it not working are minimized. It may seem like running a digital campaign is as easy as clicking a button, but preparation is everything. Don’t skip a step or you’ll find yourself burning through cash without anything to show for it.