Bleu, the knoodle dog, greets all employees and guests personally.

It’s a wonderful thing to go to work every day with your dog. And it’s even better to share him with the knoodle team.  Bleu has come to work since he was seven weeks old. He is now four. Bleu is not just my dog- although I take him home every night- he is knoodle’s dog. There are plenty of benefits of having an office dog.

Well, maybe not the salesperson that he strongly greets at the door or the random delivery guy, his lack of politically correct behavior and his throaty bark has been known to scare a few. We actually have people that ask if he is going to be there before they come in so that they can plan a Bleu-break. Like Kevin McCabe from Outfront Outdoor was visibly disappointed when Bleu was out at Doggie Day Camp. Or Shelli Brockoff, our KMLE radio rep, always takes time to say hello to Bleu. But the best part is what he does for knoodle employees. He treats each employee like a rock star- as if each one has gone away to war and receives a hero’s welcome each day when he greets them with robust enthusiasm.

It’s a team effort

Bryan Glasco, media buyer, has been known to play ball between negotiations.

Sandra Guadarama Baumunk, our Director of Client Services, gives him daily dog treats when he sits in front of her desk.

Vice President of Creative & Partner Matthew Wilson gives him a good scratch several times every day.

And the list goes on…he may abscond an occasional sandwich from time to time. Or make a meal out of a trash can buffet, but he is great for morale, stress management and photo opportunities. And this is not uncommon. According to research published by Virginia Commonwealth University, productivity increases, stimulate creativity, improve overall health, and reduce stress when brought to work.

We do try to divert him from greeting clients with his combination of unbridled enthusiasm and love of freaking people out. We also try to give him ample time to associate with other dogs and Doggie Day Care at PetSmart. But all and all, he makes us smile.

Watch this video. Don’t smile. I double dog dare you.