As one of the long-time directors working at a Phoenix creative agency, I’ve seen countless marketing efforts over the years. Taking a lesson from the best of the best, I’ve noticed a few consistencies that will significantly increase your odds of scoring a home run.

First, focus and simplify your message. Your customers are bombarded with thousands of messages every day from every direction. Each message represents a concerted effort to divert your attention their direction, even if for a few seconds. Yet again and again, I hear clients asking for multiple messages in the same ad.

The truth is, you will be very fortunate to get even one key message across. And that’s what you should strive for. If you have multiple messages or calls to action, you will never be effective, as your customer is too busy to remember that much. As the Russian proverb goes, chase two rabbits and you catch neither.

I recommend the following exercise. Build a list of all the ways your company serves your customers like nobody else. What are you the best at? Why do your current customers love you? How do your solve their pain? Next, narrow the list down to a small handful of what matters most to your customer, based on your experience. Turn that list into a survey and let your customers tell you which single message is the most important. Keep in mind, it may not be what you think. What matters most is not your opinion, but that of your customers. They’re the ones writing the checks.

Once you have that dialed in, beat that drum over and over. For you, it will seem redundant and repetitive to talk so much about the same thing. But keep in mind you’re 100 times closer to your message than your customers. If they start to feel you’re being repetitive, it means your marketing is beginning to work.

If the message gets tired, repeat the process for your second key message, and so forth.

Second, tap into your team.Now that you have your message honed in, you need ideas on how to get it out there. We love brainstorming sessions because what we can do together far beats the sum of what we can do individually. Do you have a sales team? They’re often overlooked when it comes to marketing, yet they are out on the front lines with your potential customers every day. Their input can be extremely valuable. How about your account managers, quality care staff or financial team?

Utilizing the power of a team may very well be the most underutilized resource. You’re one fantastic idea away from a home run. Look around you; that home run could come from anyone. Bring everyone together for a structured brainstorm and you may be surprised at who comes out of their shell with a zinger idea that could be your next marketing campaign. If you want some ideas on how to moderate a brainstorming meeting, get in touch with me directlyand I’ll be happy to give you some pointers.

You can also tap into an “outsourced team” like knoodle, a top Phoenix creative agency. Our favorite meetings are when we gather our collective brainpower in a meeting we call a “diagnositic.” It’s free and we typically do it over lunch. If you haven’t taken us up on this yet, contact Chrisand set one up right away. It could be the most valuable 90 minutes you’ve spent in a long time.

Third, show up in unique ways.When we first met with Homie, they wanted to make a splash in the market and gain awareness. The idea was simple: present our message on a platform where people do not expect to see such a message. In other words, capture their attention by taking them by surprise. We made “Homie” a candidate for the ongoing senatorial race and peppered the Phoenix valley with political signs. The unique message platform became the foundation for everything.

It worked like gangbusters, garnering the attention of localand national mediaand resulting in an ROI of $84 for every dollar spent.

Another example was a grassroots campaign we did for Family Promise, a non-profit organization who helps homeless people gain the necessary life skills they need to get off the street and into a productive life. The idea was simple. Homeless people already display messages. We simply changed out that message to something unexpected.

Because of the unique messaging platform, the idea garnered attention from the Phoenix community, including the press.

Break out of the traditional media boxes and ask, where else can my messaging show up? Where are my customers looking as they go about their day? How can I get my message there? Grassroots or guerilla tactics can make a bigger splash than a full-fledged television campaign.

As a final suggestion, don’t be afraid to fail. These ideas may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but that’s where you need to be to push the envelope. Every Phoenix creative agency in town will tell you the biggest payoffs are just outside your comfort zone. Play small and small results is what you will get. If you want big results, you will have to be willing to assume some risk.

We’d love nothing more than to help you do just that.

Matthew is responsible for overseeing all the creative ideas and execution that comes out of knoodle.