It’s been more than a decade since optimism was this high in the homebuilding sector. As a PR agency that represents a local homebuilder, this is certainly a thrilling time for us. While we focus on the local market, the optimism in among homebuilders is actually spreading from coast-to-coast. It’s hard to say how long the upward trends in homebuilding will continue, but every single indicator points to 2018 being a great year for those who build the houses that become our homes. According to research by National Association of Home Builders Housing Market Index, homebuilder sentiment is at its highest since 1999.


That trend means more positive stories because there’s more attention on homebuilding and optimism, which will likely be reinforced by the actual results and reports that come out every month from all corners of the U.S. It also means that builders will be spending more and using more resources to put their content and messaging front and center in marketing and public relations campaigns.


Take a look at some of the trends that you’ll be seeing in the news in 2018:


Too many buyers, not enough houses


Supplying all the new homes for the demand coming from Phoenix buyers and incoming residents from out of state will be the biggest challenge for most homebuilders in this market. It’s a good problem to have from a sales standpoint, but not without its challenges. In the P.R. and content world, our focus will be on promoting new communities ahead of their opening date to make sure all the facts are available before a rush of buyers come in.


For the homebuilders, they will have their hands full keeping up with all the demand and won’t have a moment to breathe until the traditional late Fall slow-down in this market.


Options and Amenities


Because of the stiff competition over the last decade, where builders were chasing fewer buyers and competing heavily with resale homes, a really nice trend of giving the buyer more options and more amenities to woo them developed. Now that these upgraded options and neighborhood amenities have become expected, it will be interesting to see which builders continue to offer them and which ones will cut back in order to produce homes and communities more quickly while cutting costs. Those who continue to give more to the buyer will be rewarded with positive coverage in the media for their efforts.



Location Location Location


There are some really sustained hot markets for new homes in the Valley of the Sun and some that are making their resurgence. When it comes to P.R. for homebuilders, being as local as possible is what counts. Taking great pains to find the community newspapers and features of larger papers that focus on specific regions or suburbs is key to getting coverage in the right place at the right time. In 2018, there are some places we’ll be keeping a close eye on – Maricopa, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Florence North Buckeye and Casa Grande. Based on current trends, according to Belfiore Real Estate Consulting and some of our in-house research, these promise to be the hottest areas for new home building locally