If you’ve ever thought about hiring an ad agency for your commercial real estate center, now is the time. Agencies have come a long way in the advantages that they can offer over the exclusive use of an in-house staff. Even if you simply must have your own marketing manager to keep current tenants happy and keep future tenants coming in, the use of a commercial real estate ad agency for specific tasks is something you will not regret. With that, we at knoodle present to you the top 3 reasons that you should hire an agency to work hand-in-hand with your in house staff.

1, All Creative such as window wrappings, property signage, direct mail will look incredible.

Take a look at the window wrapping below that knoodle created for a commercial real estate center in North Phoenix. That’s what we call eye-catching! When you have a creative agency focusing on making your commercial center look its best, this is the kind of work that you can expect, day in and day out.


2. Your tenant relations will be that much better.

At knoodle, we provide great service for tenant communications. We know how stressful and taxing it can be to have individual communications will dozens of tenants, in addition to all the other work that must be done to keep the property looking beautiful. We can take much of that off your hands by creating internal communications designed to get just the information we need in order to create beautiful marketing pieces like the one below.  We make sure that promotions going on in each individual tenant’s shop gets the attention that it deserves!


3. Get your tenants published in more places
Those “hyper local” publications that appeal directly to your commercial real estate center’s customers are ripe for the taking! When you use an agency to target them, you’ll see great results, not only for your center, but for the individual clients. This will keep them coming back as tenants, year after year. Think about how much easier it will be to fill open spaces when you can show prospective tenants the latest beautiful spread like the earned media below. This is a win-win!


Now that you know just a few things that an agency can do for your commercial real estate center, what are you waiting for? The key to elevated levels of success on creative projects, tenant relations and earned media are just a phone call or email away.

Ross Trumble is the PR Director at knoodle.