Knoodle loves helping clients with their businesses- we especially love heritage businesses- these are family owned establishments in existence for 25 years or more. They all have a special, generational story that draws potential business in the door. People like to do business with families.

Over the years, we have helped clients like Fulton Homes, Shamrock Foods, Schreiner Sausage, El Sol Foods, and Prestige Cleaners tell their story. These businesses share one unique premise: they are part of this community’s history. It’s our privilege to help them tell it.

Here are five ways to maximize the value of a heritage business:


Video makes your story come alive and really highlights the passion behind it. It’s important to keep it simple, have a clear goal on what is to be accomplished, and where it is going to be shown. On this video, for El Sol Foods, a local, family owned maker of salsa, the goal was name recognition. The idea was to have a message general enough to run in social media. With today’s technology, videos can be done with iPhone and edited with by almost anyone. It has been shared over 3,000 times. It also helps this brand launch is several states. Currently, El Sol has expanded into 19 states with its humble beginnings starting in Arizona.

See the social side – El Sol also began an aggressive Facebook content campaign.


In the past year, it started with a handful of family members and now has over 2,100 likes. The key here is to research the market and see where your customers are: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter- the big three have different nuances.

Facebook is a wonderful way to showcase culture, personality and the family story and history of a heritage business.

Facebook is also more general but is favored by people over 35- that’s their big growth area. Instagram is the #2 social media channel with millennials, but it’s rapidly moving up the chain. Twitter is great for thought leadership. There is so much information in blogs and white papers that if you are willing to invest the time, you can do it yourself.

Brag about it in branding – Fulton Homes, which started in 1976, building just a few homes a year as a fledgling construction company, is now one of the most well-known builders in the metro-Phoenix area. While they have not overtly advertised its family story, nearly every TV commercial features a family feel. Fulton Homes’ messaging rarely focuses on their product, goods and services. Instead, it’s all about kids, dogs, families and the feeling of “home”.

Fulton Homes Fence Patrol Radio Example

Personify with Public Relations – Fulton Homes has done public relations for the past sixteen years and normally sees a 10 to 1 value ratio, on every dollar spent. That means for every dollar, they get back $10 in news coverage. This can be done by businesses internally if the assigned person has an eye for what constitutes a newsworthy news item. A grand opening is not news worthy. But a piece on a particular home building trend is. This can also be undertaken in house with a blogging programming or sent out to local media.


Many businesses can enjoy the benefits of “cause marketing” by marshalling a school supply campaign or a public awareness campaign for drowning prevention. This can be done in conjunction with a radio station or can be done individually with a business. The key is to couple this with public relations so the world can know about it. It’s best to start with what you care about- because your concern should be authentic. This authenticity will resonate with your potential consumers.

 A few cause marketing campaigns that we have done include:

Cause Marketing Promotion                                Cause/ who it helps

Teacher of the week                                                          Teacher appreciation

Fence Patrol                                                                       Water safety with pool fences

Noon Salute                                                                       High School Music programs

Building Futures                                                               College scholarships to the needy

Stuff the Bus                                                                      School supply drive