It’s the first week of December and we have a proposal out for approval. Media is slated to begin airing the following Monday. Because it’s digital, we can submit artwork no later than Friday. The only caveat: it’s Tuesday and we’re waiting for an approval from the client. Nothing new but the exposure is a bit larger than we’re used to: nearly ten million impressions.

It’s a brand new client and they wanted to launch with a bang.

The approval comes in with a mere three days to pull together some fantastic animated creative that will be seen by millions, not including the worldwide media coverage.

So what’s new, right? Piece of cake.


Enter scene: creative team

I have found that the best way to keep the creative juices flowing is to keep the stress levels down. Keep cool and calm- the answer will present itself. Start with what you have and sort through everything logically as you dive in. You can give it a creative flare later.

First, we look at what we cannot do so we know what to rule out and where to focus our thoughts and ideas. We don’t have time to concept, audition, and film something. There’s no time for fancy animation or CGI. Sound is out, since it’s an outdoor board and scratch off anything that requires travel.


It seemed we were limited to our in-house tools and resources

Fortunately, the brand is in place. And it’s solid. We have assets from the client- good photography, color palette, etc. We always ask for these items when starting up a new relationship. In this case, we had a large pool, so that’s what we worked with.

After putting our knoodles together, we came up with a nice line of copy that epitomized the brand: “live tastefully.” And in no particular order, the rest of the animation started falling into place. Always a good thing with less than 48 hours left to go on the deadline.


The brand itself gave us our first element: a lightning bolt

It’s right there in the logo. Perfect, especially for unveiling a new brand. Often the most obvious things are overlooked. Besides, lightning has a way of grabbing your attention, especially if it’s right above you on a screen the size of a skyscraper.

Another great element came from the product itself: the cloud of vape. Clouds are mystical and magic, again, consistent with the brand.

From here, we aligned the elements into a story: lightning would come down to start the animation and grab your attention. The lightning strike created the cloud of vape, which revealed the product, message and website URL.

After looking at images of what Times Square typically looks like, we loved the idea of going black and white. It was true to brand and helped the brand stand out in a sea of bright yellows, blues, pinks, and greens.


We designed and developed five different outdoor boards for Torden

This involved scouting each location using Google Maps to gain a better understanding of the board’s environment. We took into consideration each board’s unique size and placement and built each animation accordingly.

What we ended up with was a very strong series of outdoor boards that looked amazing, garnered a ton of attention and made the client look stunning, next to multi-billion dollar brands.

As for the awards? We’ll find out in a few weeks. But keep your fingers crossed for us.