Knoodle recently tapped the services of James Webb, well known in digital circles for his work in digital strategy and managing all things digital for a number of local agencies, including OH Partners. One of the reasons he is such a great fit for knoodle digital is that he is aligned with our values – particularly those of strategy and preparation.

We have long since left target markets behind and adopted personas as a way to identify who exactly our clients are marketing to. Personas are semi-fictional representations of the precise personalities of the customers our clients are looking for.  So, instead of planning a campaign for adults 25-54 we now market to Data Diane, a 35-year-old accountant who needs to see all the details before taking an action. Each client has several personas we market to.

Archetypes are the motivations and desires that drive personas. There are twelve archetypes. They are Innocent, Sage, Explorer, Outlaw, Magician, Hero, Lover, Jester, Everyman, Caregiver, Ruler and Creator.

Webb adds his own brand of archetypes to the mix and has put together a complex web of systems to identify them. This will help all associated areas of knoodle digital including creative, digital, content and media. It will make every cog in the marketing wheel more relevant to our client’s business prospects.

“Both personas and archetypes are powerful tools for engaging customers and building brand loyalty,” he said. “Personas are the masks we wear on the outside, or the roles we play in our lives. Archetypes, on the other hand, define the reasons behind the decisions we make…not just who, but why. Since 80% of all decisions are made subconsciously, this is very helpful.”

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung developed personas and archetypes in the mid 20th Century. Archetypes can be used to get to the root of why people buy. “It’s a pattern of thought,” said Webb. “And patterns are wonderful things, because they can be repeated. Even better, these patterns translate very well to digital, where they can be measured and improved, driving better messages, engagement, and conversion rates.”

There are four categories of archetypes, each with three archetypes.

Here is a taste of Archetypes and what motivates these personalities:

Personalities                                  What motivates them

Innocent, Sage, Explorer                   Yearns for Paradise

Hero, Magician, Outlaw                      Change the world

Everyman, Jester, Lover                    Connect with others

Caregiver, Ruler, Creator                   Provide structure to the world

How do we derive personas and archetypes?

Research – this includes online surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, client profiles and looking at clients’ habits / behaviors

Diagnostic (brainstorm) session – this is where we ask the client questions and dig deep into who their customers are and what they have seen from previous marketing efforts.

knoodle archetype quiz – which is in development but will soon be on our website.

According to Webb, understanding the customer is no longer a luxury for marketers. “Applying personas and archetypes to marketing boosts revenue, lowers costs and grows brand affinity,” he said.