By Francisca Nuñez

As my internship comes to an end, I can sit back and say that I learned so much. I am pleased to see the amount of time, effort, and coordination that goes into absolutely everything at knoodle, and the amount of stress that is lifted when you have two of the most wonderful office dogs.

I was a part of the creative team and took on a 90 day internship at 20 hours a week. My supervisor is knoodle’s Creative Director, Matthew Wilson, who has a very precise system set in place that makes sure all clients are organized and prioritized when it comes to deadlines and meeting them before they are due.

Looking back at all the work I have done in school and all of the work that I have done at knoodle, there’s a lot more variety than I could have imagined before I started this journey. I’ve created logos, comps, booklets, single tiers, infographics, and so much more in just a 90 day internship. I was given constant feedback, took a lot of advice, and made many revisions. I have learned so many new techniques when using different programs, and designing within a clients graphic standards.

I am very honored to have this experience with knoodle. I have had other internships where learning and growing was never a reality for me and I was just a student that was there doing free work. At knoodle, I felt like I was apart of a team. It really gave me a huge insight on what it’s like to be apart of this team and how dedicated you truly have to be to a client. Countless emails are sent, countless revisions are made, and countless lunches are bought for meetings. I’m glad I was given the chance to use my knoodle in ways I didn’t realize I could.