Branding a Plastic Surgeon

Branding a local plastic surgeon has been a great challenge in an industry crowded with a sea of sameness. The challenge was to distinguish a doctor, who had been practicing for only five years but had achieved the highest reviews of his peers. How do you make a doctor stand out in a category where all ads look nearly identical with before and after photos? All of them feature doctor shots in front of their practice grinning- as if to show the world how beautiful they are.

How did we brand Dr. Remus Repta? We took him from unknown to Top Doc in thirteen months.

First, we featured him in an unlikely setting, Papago Park, and had a local photographer shoot him amongst the red rocks and rugged landscape near his Scottsdale, Arizona office. These photos were magazine-style cover photos and set him apart from his fellow doctors. He is featured in scrubs and sportswear during the “golden hour”, also known as the sunrise. All of his creative features these photos.

Then we focused on the media…

Dr. Remus Repta has been featured in many content-rich media opportunities that have helped him emerge as a leader in the practice of plastic surgery. Here are some of the opportunities he has been featured in: Ask Dr. Repta is a monthly column, where people can send him questions and get answers that are both informative and sensitive. This has contributed to increased engagement on his website, Facebook and Instagram pages as well as his search engine optimization.

Contributor on “Botched” on “E” Network: This new reality show features plastic surgeons that work on patients who have had bad outcomes in their plastic surgery endeavors. This represents an opportunity to introduce Dr. Repta to those who have an interest in the subject. Knoodle, which does all the shooting and editing in real time, does a :30 message at the beginning of the show, to tease the subject. In the meat of the show, a :60 segment runs with local reporter Brooke Garduno, asking questions. They usually feature similar content to what is running on the show. Dr. Repta is the only doctor with this type of approach on the show.

Pandora has been a great success with its video and audio messages, featuring Dr. Repta, and his advice on a variety of subjects. Almost 2,500 potential patients clicked through on the accompanying banner in a single month. He used both the video and the audio to achieve this result.

But then we amped it up and paired him with an Instagram and Facebook maven Simone Anderson Prescherer of New Zealand, garnering him over $1m in exposure. She is a public figure who had lost over 100 pounds and needed surgery to remove the excess skin. The result: A major makeover for Dr. Remus Repta, featured on websites and publications around the world.