This is what all of knoodle’s clients are talking about: how to join the modern marketing movement by jumping in as content developers. Most of my clients do not want to do it- but realize that it is increasingly how business is done. These clients also don’t want to change the website they had done five years ago – but that’s another blog post.

Some of the methods knoodle employs are:

What are our clients and potential clients asking us? There is a blog post for every question and concern.

Read several industry publications- in marketing- but also in our client verticals like home building, nonprofits and health care. I love apps like Flipboard and Business Insider for industry specific blogs and news stories from hundreds of publications.

Interview people in your office, your clients or peers for their stand on relevant topics.

The attached article also offers some helpful ways to look at contents. I found it on Flipchart. Enjoy the content and start planning for yours.

How To Create Endless Amounts Of Content

From Why Curate?, a Flipboard magazine by Rosaria Cain

Content marketing can make huge demands on your resources. Between blog posts, emails and social media, you could be creating new content every day, all day,…

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