Is it me or was Super Bowl 50 the worst for ads EVER?

Advertisers need to approach the craft of story telling as an art- especially when the eyes of the world are upon them. This is especially true when the media time alone is in the $6million range.

Here is what we tell our clients who want to buy a highly visible:

Do an ad especially for Super Bowl. This means you don’t run it in the playoffs or even online. It is perfectly acceptable, however, to show what the Super Bowl didn’t accept or tease the concept about to be debuted. Many of the ads in the big game had run before.

Do an add with something novel- this can mean a truly original idea or a special affect. The best commercials in the game were the movie trailers.

Pull at the heart strings and make us cry. Don’t we always talk about the Budweiser horses and the puppy?

Draw viewers in with a fresh take on user generated content and tie it to social media like Doritos has done or the famous Oreos dunking in the dark ad.

The right ad will draw more value in publicity than an advertiser ever pays for the ad. Let’s start planning now for next year!

Here is a review of the best and worst ads of Super Bowl 50.

The Best And The Worst Of Super Bowl Ads

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Sometimes it’s better to leave more to the imagination. That’s the thought I’m left with after watching all of the ads which aired in CBS’ Super Bowl broadcast…

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