knoodle Creates Topical Experiential Campaign That Turns Heads and Cameras for Homie for Senate

Experiential marketing, the process of having consumers experience a brand by demonstrating what it stands for, is uncommon in Phoenix. It is quite common in large metropolitan areas like Manhattan, LA, Chicago and San Francisco where big downtown areas lend itself to the risky side of experiential.

Our most recent experiential campaign, Homie for Senate, took a real estate listing service, and transformed it into a Senatorial candidate in one of the hottest races in the country. The result: $208,262 of press coverage- a mixture of national, regional and local stories, including a full length video by MSNBC.

The campaign, conceived within 24 hours by Vice President of Creative, Matthew Wilson, was put into action upon an enthusiastic client reception. 500 Homie for Senate signs later- all in their branded teal- attracted the attention of local realtors, reporters and residents.

Of course this happened due to the timeliness of the news headlines with Senatorial hopefuls Krysten Sinema facing off against Martha McSally.

“Sometimes an idea comes on its own,” said Wilson. “I literally had the idea before the client meeting was over.” Wilson attributes this to “listening”. According to Wilson, this particular client was looking to “make a splash with something a bit edgy, irreverent, fun, that could go viral.”

“I asked myself, – what is topical right now?” he recalled. “And the idea was born.”

PR Director Ross Trumble said that once the local press discovered the Homie campaign, “the coverage came in like we have never seen before,” Trumble added,  ”the MSNBC national coverage of the Homie for Senate signs was the icing on the cake,”.

According to Trumble, the MSNBC crew was in town to cover the Donald Trump rally in Mesa and couldn’t help but notice the teal “homie” signs- designed by Wilson and the rest of the creative team.

knoodle is no stranger to experiential campaigns. The first one was hatched a few years ago around the practice of a local plastic surgeon who wanted the notoriety that came with such a campaign. knoodle paired him with Instagram and Facebook influencer, Simone Anderson Prescherer of New Zealand, garnering him over $1m in exposure. She was a public figure who had lost over 200 pounds and needed surgery to remove the excess skin. The result: A major makeover featured on websites and publications around the world.

The common denominator in these campaigns, is that we tapped into an existing news theme and attracted the attention and imagination of the general public. They create a sense of excitement for the client, the agency and for those who tap into the buzz.

Matthew Wilson, Ross Trumble and Sandra Guadarrama-Baumunk stand behind the campaign created at knoodle.

Rosaria is the Queen Bee at knoodle. She’s the Captain of the Ship. The Executive Chef.

Rosaria is the Queen Bee at knoodle. She’s the Captain of the Ship. The Executive Chef.