At knoodle, every day is Dog Day. Or to put in more specifically, every day is a Bleu Day. Office dogs reduce stress, improve morale and bring the team together. Studies show they also increase productivity.

8% of US employers allow dogs at the office place. According to a 2016 survey done by Banfield Pet Hospitals, 88% of employees think that pets at work improve morale while 86% find them to reduce stress.

Bleu attends all our meetings and frequently helps our Director of Client Services Sandra Baumunk do business. He has also trained our marketing director, Ben Bailey, to take him for a walk whenever he puts his leash in his mouth and his head on his knee.


Here are our tips on office dog etiquette:


“And they call it Puppy Love”- It is great for camaraderie to bring in a puppy and have multiple training opportunities each day. The puppy becomes properly socialized and everyone feels like they have a part in the animal’s life. The pooch, in some ways, becomes part of a village and it takes a village to raise an office dog.




Stress, Less Is Best – After a difficult sales call, or just a tough day, we routinely hang out on Bleu’s coach. He gives hugs and kisses; we give him belly rubs. We get up feeling strangely renewed. He never reveals a secret. But beware, he has stolen an unattended sandwich.

                  pup 2


Canine companions build a common bond– We all pitch in and get some needed exercise. We all need fresh air from time to time. Sometimes we just need a break from the office environment. We all come up with ways to use him in our social media or blogging efforts. Last week, he was answering the phone. Recently, he was the first mannequin dog challenge EVER! We had the highest open rate of any email we have ever sent!


pup 3


Check with Clients on their level of doggie love – Yes, some people don’t like dogs, especially big, 85 pounders, like Bleu. So, we ask in advance of client appointments. Bleu is shuttled to Pet Camp on those occasions, which he regularly frequents anyway.


Dogs eat Delivery Men – It’s not just urban legend. It’s a proven fact. Bleu scares three types of people: Delivery men in uniform, sales people and people who are scared of dogs. This is why he is always on a leash and we always have treats to distract him. It is important to keep in mind when you are home to a big dog. Bleu has never bitten anyone. But he does have a hellacious bark.


Rosaria Cain is CEO of knoodle and advises clients in health care, real estate and manufacturing in strategy, content, creative, paid media and digital.