Video has become the go-to medium for real estate and land companies of all types. Video doesn’t just tell your story, it wows people by showing what you have- leaving nothing to chance. Not only will it create a mood, it will create sales. In a world where few people read anything longer than a text or tweet, you can entrance your market with all the latest video techniques. And the best part- video does not need to be a budget-buster. It’s affordable and quick to turn around.

Earlier this year, we re-invested in video two new cameras (including one that does 3-D), drone, and editing suite. We have put it to good use so that our clients could achieve more benefit. The videos, themselves, each tell their own story. Here are a few samples of our latest work:


The Nature Conservancy

Nature Conservancy is a non-profit that seeks to raise money from those who truly care about the environment. Vice President of Creative Matthew Wilson snow shoed into the mountains near Flagstaff with Camera Man Teo Vladimirov to bring these amazing panoramic views to its board of directors for their annual meeting.

“The trick here was the camera work and pairing it with the aerial footage taken with the drone,” Wilson said. “We worked as a team for two days capturing just the right footage.”




District at Biltmore

On the other end of the spectrum, our team worked together for an urban-cool vibe highlighting the celebrated new apartment community District at Biltmore in Central Phoenix.

“We incorporated time lapse photography with the setting in the surrounding neighborhood to set the right tone,” said Wilson.



Fountain Hills Festival of Arts and Crafts and the Fountain Hills Great Fair

According to Wilson, the “sheer beauty of the area makes Fountain Hills the most beautiful setting for an arts fair in the Southwest,” he said. 400 artists from around the world show off their remarkable talents and 150,000 people descend upon the Fountain Hills Community to soak it up, buy meaningful art and enjoy the scenery.

“We wanted to give the venue a lift with a birds-eye view, which is what we did with the drone,” said Wilson.



Fulton Homes

Fulton Homes wanted to tell a story. Their communities are each unique and planned from the very beginning to be masterfully planned community. “Fulton Homes likes to start from the very beginning- from cornfields to communities,” Wilson said. “We wanted to illustrate this point because of their unique approach with lush vegetation, gathering areas and amenities.”

He and Camerawoman Ashley Hayden, captured the early sketches of the community and saw it develop through a series of hand-drawn renderings.



In summary, these four videos all tell a compelling story but are different in every way.  They all focus on land or real estate and were done within a short period of time. They each responded to the market and the needs of the client.

So what does this mean to you? Consider asking yourself this question: what story do you have to tell? Maybe you should tell it with video.