Here at knoodle, we truly believe that research is the foundation for a successful marketing campaign. With research comes the surveys, interviews and focus groups. Focus groups can play an important role in determining an advertising strategy. What’s even more fun? Focus groups with kids.

As most of you know, a focus group is a method of research in which a group of people are recruited to discuss a particular topic, but here’s an original spin on marketing geared towards kids: make a focus group fun (what, really??) and have it influence positive change in human behavior


Let’s Move!

You probably heard of Let’s Move! a comprehensive initiative, launched by the then First Lady, Michelle Obama, dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation and encourages kids to eat healthily and live active lifestyles. A few years ago to celebrate the anniversary of the program, the First Lady took the campaign in a new direction.

She invited comedian Will Ferrell to join a “focus group” that interviewed a group of young kids about how to be active and eat healthy. Their answers are delightful and cute, and Will Ferrell really knows how to get those belly laughs and giggles.

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