Donald John Trump had been inaugurated as the 45th US President.

Two of my colleagues from knoodle and I were there to witness it. We even did a Facebook Live segment just before the inauguration so that we could share the moment with our clients and friends.

From my vantage point, the inauguration crowd was comprised of high energy, devoted Trump supporters. They applauded the “make America greater than ever before rhetoric” enthusiastically. But they were earnest and came from every corner of the country.


The media was predicting a doomsday scenario

I was privileged to attend the event, since one of our clients had tickets  and was unable to attend.  My colleagues and I are all Republican leaning, compassionate and reasonable people.  Me? I’m just a businessperson looking for a pro-business economy without the constraints of excessive regulation, taxes and healthcare expenses. I want this type of economy for myself and for my clients. We saw it during the Reagan years and during the second half of the Clinton administration. Like many fellow business people, I have seen hard times for the last eight years. I wonder if the politicians we have elected understand the most basic business principals: creating and following a budget, creating an environment of optimism and promoting investment.




An incredible experience

Being at the inauguration was an enormous experience. People around me were so excited.  They thought President Trump’s inauguration speech was the best speech ever. I enjoyed hanging out in the local watering holes and meeting people from all walks of life. Do you know every time President Trump made an entrance (captured on television), the crowd spontaneously applauded? I have never seen this before. The people I talked to were contractors, mayors, families and mostly from non-coastal states.

The protesters were quite intimidating. They seemed to be spewing hate, negativity and vulgar signs. They were actively confronting those coming from the inauguration, breaking windows and attacking cars with crowbars. We avoided the parade for this reason.




The big takeaway

If I had not gone and had listened to the media, I would not have had the same picture of the event. I am a New York Times subscriber, and their headline: TRUMP  SWORN IN, ISSUES A CALL: ‘THIS AMERICAN CARNAGE STOPS’ with a subhead of “UNIQUELY DARK VISION OF THE U.S.” didn’t tell the story I saw. Most who saw the speech didn’t find it dark, but instead what he campaigned on.  Perhaps this is a lesson for me in not believing everything I read or hear.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Let’s decide for ourselves.

Rosaria Cain is CEO of knoodle and advises clients in health care, real estate and manufacturing in strategy, content, creative, paid media and digital.