With the year 2016 in the rear view mirror, it’s time to do a post mortem on the year’s business dealings with an eye on 2017 New Year’s resolutions.

Here are mine:

Do more networking 

Social networking is great but it’s no substitute for good, old fashion person to person networking.

It means:

  • Selecting quality events where I can help potential contacts and clients with their marketing
  • Wearing flats so I don’t hobble around with a grimace and a need to leave at the first opportunity
  • Researching those who are attending the event so that I can do a bit of homework on those I might be lucky enough to meet
  • Following up with those I meet so that I can keep in touch and possibly nurture with helpful content


Get into Virtual Reality

It’s big and many current and potential clients can gain from this “experiential” class of video where the video is essentially in the video. This has gone mainstream thanks to Google’s big investment and the the clarity of mobile devices. with a piece of cardboard, we can turn these devices into VR devices- making it accessible to everyone. Did you know every video on YouTube can be a VR experience? Google has down by four times last year. AT&T and BMW are both heavily vested in VR as part of their marketing.

Our plans include:

  • Investing in a special camera and other equipment
  • Hiring talented directors and producers forVR projects
  • Opening our client’s eyes by putting them into a VR experience


Nurture our knoodle team members

Last year, we kept all our key members and added two outstanding employees to the knoodle fold.

This year we are focusing on:

  • Educating and enhancing every employees skills
  • Flexibility in scheduling (as long as objectives are met)
  • Getting to know each other as people, on and off the clock with quarterly social outings


Expand knoodle offerings with partnerships with other agencies

knoodle started down this path last year and is always looking for talent that achieves client objectives, We believe

These partnerships make our clients campaigns stronger. We do most of our work in house but there are certain specialties

We are developing. These include:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Behavioral data
  • Experiential event advertising
  • Viewable impressions


Remember to promote our own knoodles!

Like many businesses, we sometimes neglect our own marketing efforts. Last year, we upgraded our content team.

We added regular blogs and more social media strategy. This year, we are adding more agency bloggers. PR is actively promoting news worthy angles for ourselves, like our upcoming Super Bowl spot for Fulton Homes.


The beginning of a new year is time for introspection. Happy New Year!

Rosaria Cain is CEO of knoodle and advises clients in health care, real estate and manufacturing in strategy, content, creative, paid media and digital.