The New Facebook Algorithm

The New Facebook Algorithm

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The New Facebook Algorithm

Ow, Recently, Facebook announced huge changes to their Newsfeed algorithm. These changes are, in the words of Mark Zuckerberg, to “prioritize posts from friends and family over public content.” Essentially, this means that companies with business pages on Facebook are suddenly seeing a huge drop in traffic and engagement.


The Facebook algorithm is now prioritizing engagement – genuine engagement – over likes or shares. The days of automated posts that you could set and forget are over (until the next algorithm change, anyway). Companies that put social media as an afterthought are the ones who are going to hurt while those who put quality over quantity will come out on top.


When Facebook prioritized video, companies responded by aggressively pivoting to video. Then when Facebook put an emphasis on live video, companies were forced to change their strategies once again. Now, it’s all about engagement. Zuckerberg says this is to focus on organic reach, and that’s part of it, but Facebook also wants your dollars. They’ll encourage you to spend money to get your posts seen.


Now, paying for ads and boosted content is still going to be a guaranteed way to make sure your posts are seen, but if that content isn’t engaging your base then it’s wasted. Posting thoughtful content around an engaging story is key. Sponsoring/boosting said content will do that much more. The goal is to keep people coming back to your content and/or page, to build something engaging and shareable.


So how should you tackle this change? There are a lot of things to consider, and this list is just the beginning.


  1. Take a hard look at your social media and be honest with yourself about what is doing well. If there’s a certain topic that almost always gets 15 comments, focus on that. Posts that never attract conversation should be ditched.


  1. Experiment with boosting your most-commented stories. Boosting is a sure fire way to get more eyeballs on your posts but remember, you still need engagement. If nobody is commenting on the stories then don’t boost them.


  1. How many times a day are you posting now? If it’s 10, maybe look into cutting that number and focusing more on quality over quantity. The days of posting everything are over. If you are posting 10 stories a day and 1 is driving conversation with 9 doing pretty much nothing, those 9 stories could actually have a negative effect on your Facebook presence.


  1. Rely less on automation and more on manual posting. It’s ok to schedule something to post Monday at 7pm, but make sure you are involved and responding to any and all comments. Engagement is everything.


  1. For the posts that aren’t doing well enough on Facebook to justify being posted, consider using those on other platforms. Despite what Facebook may tell you, not everything needs to be posted there. Some posts are better tweets or LinkedIn stories. And don’t neglect Instagram, it’s a widely used platform that is underutilized by many companies.


The biggest takeaway should be this: Quality over Quantity


2018 is going to be a year of change for many brands. The old way of thinking about social media are over. Social media management and content are more important than ever and you need a strategy to do it right. Showcase your best stuff and engage your followers. Autoposting every single little thing to Facebook was never a great practice, but it can be downright deadly to your social media presence now.


Also, remember, nothing digital is set in stone. Facebook pivots on a dime – quite literally – and they will change their strategy if it effects their bottom line. This may not be a forever thing, but it’s the reality of the platform now.