It’s always a challenge- creating compelling social media on a regular basis. And yet, if you don’t do it regularly, it looks like your business is asleep or out of business. At knoodle, we have done social media for several clients. The trick is to get into the head of the customer or client you are trying to reach. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do they care about?
  • What questions do they have about your product or service?
  • What’s trending in the industry you are in?
  • What are people saying online about your industry- reviews, competitors, tweets, etc?
  • What new, innovative ideas and happenings are going on in the industry?
  • Where will this industry be in five years?


Here are five tips for keeping your social media active and interesting.


Decide which social media channels are interesting to your customers or clients

Third party research can help handle this question objectively. Another avenue is to do an online survey and ask them. The major channels are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each has a different personality and function. Facebook is the generalist. Instagram is completely visual and works especially well with millennials. Twitter is about thought leadership and enlightens the world with shortened messages, which can be especially popular with men or in certain industries like tech and health care.


Do a content calendar before the month starts

Yes, many consider this a harrowing experience. Yes, it’s time consuming. But would you build a house without an architectural rendering? This action will take pressure off the rest of the month. Try to add compelling visuals and create a minimum of three posts per week.


Look at the Holidays and important days each month and do a graphic that embodies it

There are many online sites that can be specific to industry. Did you know there is a national chocolate cake month and a national paint your car month? These can make interesting posts.


Search out interesting stories, articles or videos from the national news outlets

They can be a great source of information that your customers or clients may not have seen. You can either pull out a quote, summarize the story or link to the publication. This is also great for your credibility.


Research your competitors and see what they are doing in social media- particularly in other markets

You can take the best ideas and customize it to your clients.


The most important content is relevant and consistent. Accomplish these two goals and you will be building great customer relationships, engagement and a growing following.