The XXIII Winter Olympics games is a media buying opportunity that will rival the best buys of all time. And it will become more expensive as we approach the February 8th start. This is particularly true because 2018 is a political year. Buy early and don’t buy preemptible.


Here’s why the PyeongChang games are so great:


All eyes will be on South Korea.

Which of course is next to the dictator Kim Jong-Un, the crackpot despot threatening to nuke the West Coast of the United States. Not to be an opportunist, but this means their will be more ratings based on what might happen and it’s proximity to madness.


For the first time, all programming will be broadcast live.

There is a twelve-hour difference between Arizona time and PyeongChang. This is something to be considered in the media buying process. Prime time, for instance, doesn’t look so prime. And early morning doesn’t look that early. Overnight is no longer a no-go. This gives us many more options of creating a standout schedule on a budget. I’m recommending that my clients really consider the weekend morning slots That means it will be 6p – 9p in Korea. Some premiere events generally happen at that time like figure skating. And at $400, it’s a great deal. You can even afford to buy some frequency so that the audience sees your message two or more times. I’m also liking the evening after prime- 9:30p- 11p- where skiing might be likely at that time in the morning. Those :30 messages are more at $3,400 but it’s still more attractive than prime at three times the price. Normally, I would never suggest buying overnights, but at $325,  it’s a good deal. People want to see action as it happens. In past years, we knew who won most events before we ever watched the Olympics, especially with our mobile devices.


Unlike other programming, it won’t be recorded for later viewing.

People will want to see it in the moment. According to a summer Olympics study, 23% watched less Netflix during the Olympic games and 61% admitted being “hooked”. Whatever you do, don’t buy television against the Olympics or it will be an absolute waste of money. All eyes will be on the games.


It’s truly a family friendly environment. The Olympics is not about demographics or lifestyle groups because EVERYONE WILL BE WATCHING.

86% of those polled in the summer Olympics study said they watched the Olympics with their families. 35% of children played video games less than usual. And it’s become a multi-screen endeavor. Fans are watching and posting on social media while the event is in progress. Fans are sharing videos and engaging in more social media regarding the games. They are following the Olympics through their days with their mobile devices and desktops while watching on television at home.


Because everyone is watching, create a brand-worthy commercial. You went expensive on the media, don’t go cheap on the commercial. It would be like wearing a Dior dress with Payless shoes. 

It is best to prepare a branded message with this impactful audience in mind. A badly crafted message can do irreparable damage and be a real embarrassment. People may share negative perceptions on social media. We created something special for our client, Fulton Homes. Click here.

My client, CEO Doug Fulton said, “I know I didn’t want to do it but that was the best thing I ever did.”  We have been in the Olympics ever since with a message that speaks to the environment.

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