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There’s a lot happening each week and it’s easy to miss a story or two or ten. What’s happening this week in Phoenix?  How bad is Twitter hurting? What are the latest digital trends? Who bought what and for how much?

If you missed the answers to these hard-hitting questions, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in our weekly news roundup.


Phoenix is growing! (and so are Mesa and Scottsdale)


Forbes just realized a list America’s Fast-Growing Cities  and Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale share the Number 16 spot. The list takes a a few different factors into account, but perhaps the most interesting is Home Price Growth 2016 (7.47%)  and Proj. Home Price Growth 2017 (4.19%). Home building in Arizona is definitely on the upswing and it looks like that trend is going to continue. We’re a little surprised by the number of Florida cities on this list. People love Florida, apparently.


Downtown is getting another hotel


The Arizona Business Journal has the scoop on a new, massive Hampton Inn being built in Downtown Phoenix. It’s focusing on being a new destination for business and its location just south of Arizona State University’s downtown campus will certainly cater to that crowd. The project is set to be complete in 2018.


Twitter post lackluster earnings


Twitter is a great place to connect with thought leaders, converse with peers, and see news in real time. Unfortunately, the company is struggling to turn those things into capital gain and, as reported by the New York Times, they recently announced sales that fell below expectations (by about $30 million). They’re bleeding money and it seems like nobody there is having any luck closing the wound. It’s a bummer because it really is a great platform. There’s so much potential in Twitter and it seems like nobody in their office can figure out how to leverage it.


Samsung introduces new Chromebook


According to the folks at CNET, Samsung’s new Chromebook is the budget laptop to beat. Chromebooks have plenty of detractors, but CNET seems to think Samsung will change consumers’ minds. The price is certainly compelling – around $500 – and it is loaded with functionality. If you are looking for an alternative to Mac, this might be a good option.


Bob Parsons keeps building


GoDaddy founder and golf slash motorcycle enthusiast Bob Parsons is in the news again (always). This time, it’s because he’s building out a massive retail and restaurant space in Scottsdale. That alone is big news, but rumors are circulating that Dutch Bros. are eyeing a spot there. We love Dutch Bros. and any expansion in Arizona is good news as far as we’re concerned. No word yet if the space will include a sleeveless statue of Parsons.


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