Knoodle is proud to have worked with Fulton Homes now for nearly 18 years. And we have produced a Super Bowl commercial 15 of those 18 years. What a unique opportunity for a boutique ad agency in Phoenix to consistently be one of the only local players in media’s largest platform of the year. Needless to say, there are a few highlights from years past, some things we learned…and a few crazy memories.


The Fulton Homes Logo

The early days of Fulton’s brand was all about the logo on a white background. If you’ve been in the market long enough you’ll remember them. They are what defined Fulton Homes, giving them a distinct look. When other builders zigged, we zagged. It was thought of as crazy to not show a product in the marketing, but we build the Fulton brand on a logo and lifestyle. No homes. The Super Bowl ad was no different. In fact, CEO Doug Fulton has requested many times over the years that we come up with fresh ways to tell the story using a logo and white background. The ultimate challenge for any agency. If there was an award for the “Most Ways to Use a Logo in a Commercial” I think we’d win it. We have made that logo sing, dance, party, twist and even take a family photo.


Taking Risks

To Fulton Home’s credit, they have always been willing to take risks. One year, we did an artistic piece. All 2D, hand-drawn animation about a bird’s journey building his net and looking for just the right branch to complete it. The spot was out of the box and pushed the limits of what Fulton Homes had done. It won some local and national awards.


Game Time

In 2010, we made home costumes and dressed up “Fulton” alongside four of its competitors. Only their names were just slightly altered (an accident, we swear!). The five were playing a somewhat clumsy game of football. One of them even ran into a popcorn vendor. In the end, Fulton becomes the hero as he goes in for the touchdown. Again, out of the box for a homebuilder, but at least we had the logo in during the spot. Incidentally, the following year, we repurposed one of the costumes into a “foreclosure” and filmed him shopping at a hardware store. He had several carts full of repair items. The goal was to expose foreclosures for what they were: dangerous. Home foreclosures often force homeowners to release value from their home through the process of equity release. Thankfully, tools like Key’s calculator allow homeowners to view how much equity they can release from their home, and can help them offset debts and take further control of their finances.


Family Photo

For Super Bowl 2014, we went back to the logo spot, where we made the letters come alive as characters. We liked the idea of a humorous amount of chaos as the family posed for a photo- something any parents can relate to. We utilized technology largely unavailable just years previous. But advances in software, combined with highly skilled talent pools allowed us to execute high production quality on a limited budget.


Looking Glass

This year, we are going deep inside a Fulton Home through the imagination of a child. Much like Alice and the Looking Glass. The idea is that the closer you look, the more obvious the difference becomes that Fulton Homes are superior to any other in the market. We found a local animation studio, Tomahawk, a young, talented bunch just crazy enough to take on this challenge. Together, we think we pulled it off nicely. You’ll have to wait and watch it during the Super Bowl.


After years of Super Bowl spots, one thing’s for sure. We are lucky to work with a client who is willing to try new things and venture out of the box. Fulton’s competitors have their hands tied with boards of advisors, investors and quarterly reports. It’s just part of what makes Fulton Homes unique because the same autonomy that allows us our creative freedom is also what their customers love about the homebuying process.

A formula that works for everyone.