10 Tips on How to Grow Your Small Business with Instagram

Successful at Instagram? Capturing new followers and customers? Using an instagram bot successfully? Now you’re looking for a strategy to ramp up your efforts, right? With Instagram holding the #1 spot as the fastest growing social media site, with a reported 500 million active users – surpassing Twitter’s 284 million at the time of reporting, it’s definitely the platform for small businesses to grow into a burgeoning one. Check out the 10 ways to connect with your audience and grow your small business with Instagram:


Hashtags. Use them.

Because images are sorted by hashtags, you have the ability to reach even more new followers by using one that relates to your image. If you’re trying to find people to follow, you can also search relevant hashtags.


Connect It to Your Other Social Media Platforms.

Connecting your account to your other social media platforms makes it easier for followers to find your content and for you to share the Instagram images you’ve created. Be it your products and services on your website or unique content on other channels, being connected is always a good idea. It also shows that you are active on more than just one channel, helping to strengthen your online presence


Post What People Want.

You don’t have to post professional, polished product shots. Audiences prefer the organic smartphone pictures with filters; even the behind-the-scenes shots of your company and its culture. It’s all about delivering value in visual content that followers can’t find anywhere else.


Video. Use it.

Instagram allows users to upload videos, just keep them short and sweet. Remember that your audience’s attention span can’t take more than a minute as they’ll leave and start scrolling their stream.


Crowdsource Your Images.

Your stream doesn’t have to always contain photos that you took. Engage followers by encouraging them to upload pics to your stream. Take it one step further and use this as a contest and reward the best image, or just simply showcase your fans using your product.


Respond to Comments.

Followers appreciate when you respond to their comments, so make sure to check in and reply several times during the week. Follow people back, and connect with them on other social sites.


Post Consistently.

Creating a consistent brand identity requires consistent posting habits. Nothing hurts a business more than creating social media accounts and then not posting to them. If a potential customer searches for your business on Facebook and sees that you have not posted in a month, they could easily assume you went out of business. Investing in a social media management tool will help you to plan out posts ahead of time and make sure that your brand is posting consistently.


Want More Likes? Use Blue.

Images with blue as a dominant color perform 24% better than those with high concentrations of red and oranges. Think #sky #bluebells #superman.


Experience Your Brand’s Vibe.

On Twitter, it’s not as easy to really express who your brand is but Instagram gives you the visual impact to do just that. Is your company all about the cooking lifestyle? Upload kitchen/food photos and favorite those of others. Your stream can go beyond product photos to tell your company’s story.


Pay Attention to Your Likes.

Pay attention to that heart button and what images people are clicking on, so that you can better understand your audience. This not only helps you determine what kinds of images you want to post, but it can also help you do some market research for your products. For example, post two pictures of a product in two different colors. Ask which fans like. The one with more likes is the one you should produce.


Sandra Guadarrama- Baumunk, Director of Client Services at knoodle.

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