2015 was a year many knoodle clients took the plunge with Facebook. They were understandably cautious. In all cases, the pod Facebook campaigns lead to increased web traffic, quality leads, brand engagement and the analytics of success.

Fulton Homes has found a new source for potential buyers- and has done monthly campaigns for 13 straight months- getting great results with carousel ads and videos.

Fountain Hills has done event ads on Facebook the past two festivals prompting the question,  “Did you expect it to work this well, with all the comments?”.

Remus Repta, MD of plastic surgery, saw his likes and engagements grow so much, he took a break and stopped doing it. We learned that engagement goes down as quickly as it comes up. In the few weeks knoodle ceased to post for the doctor his reach decreased by 82% and page likes are down by 18%.

El Sol Foods started a social media strategy from nearly scratch – in the past month alone we’ve helped increase page likes from 1,821 to  2,123 which is a 17% overall increase in less than 30 days, including 6,210 new video views.

So if something is stopping you from jumping in, read this content and get ready! Your brand is waiting.

A Look Into the Hot Facebook Marketing Trends of 2016

From Business And Career, a Flipboard magazine by Rosaria Cain

Facebook will be the best option for brand and direct response advertisers in 2016 if you understand it deeply enough, spend time on optimization…

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